A must-have for girls, zero missed ginger juice brown sugar, simple and delicious homemade snacks to ward off the cold


A must-have for girls, zero missed ginger juice brown sugar, simple and delicious homemade snacks to ward off the cold

When we are uncomfortable, we all like to boil a brown sugar ginger water, warm a cup of drink, feel that the discomfort seems to be able to slow down, or even disappear. Sometimes I wonder, is it just a psychological effect? In fact, ginger itself does have the effect of dispersing cold and warming the stomach, which can relieve the discomfort of our girls during special periods, and it is also a treasure for people with cold physique, which can promote qi and blood, warm up the body and replenish qi. However, in fact, it should also be noted that people with some physiques are not suitable for eating ginger, or they must master their physical condition to supplement with dietary therapy. Brown sugar can also speed up blood circulation and replenish energy, and it is also a savior for people with frozen hands and feet.

However, we may not have so much time to cook brown sugar ginger water every day, or just because we are lazy… So we researched this – ginger red gummies, do more at a time, you can eat for a while, but of course don’t put it bad, otherwise it will be too wasteful. Although it is a lazy result, it has not cut off at all, the strong ginger flavor, the mellow brown sugar sweetness, and the soft and soft is not stained at all. Eating a few pills when you feel uncomfortable can not only save the hard work of supporting discomfort to cook, but also eat this beneficial snack when you are hungry, and cure hunger.

【Dish name】Ginger red gummies

Essentials: 250 grams of ginger, 150 grams of brown sugar, 150 grams of glutinous rice flour, 50 grams of water, minced coconut.

Production Method:

1 Bathe the gingers first, peel off all the skin, peel the skin and wash it again to make sure that the ginger does not get any dirt. And cut into small pieces, if you cut it into too large pieces, the juice will be relatively small.

2Use a juicer or blender or other machine that can squeeze the ginger grains into a ginger puree.

3Wrap the ginger paste with a piece of gauze and squeeze out the ginger juice vigorously, you need to squeeze out more than 150 grams of ginger juice!

4Scatter the glutinous rice flour into the ginger juice and mix well until the batter is thicker, and the drip is slow after picking, and it is not so easy to re-blend with the batter after dripping back to the surface of the batter.

5 brown sugar mixed with 30g water, bring to a boil and cook until brown sugar is completely melted. Melt and quickly pour into ginger batter and mix well.

6We use a square steaming tray here, and any convenient steaming utensil can be used. Spread a piece of baking paper on the utensils to prevent sticking bottom. Pour the brown sugar batter through a sieve into the vessel.

7 handfuls of brown sugar batter through water, steam for about half an hour, take it out of the steamer and put it in the refrigerator, the ordinary freezer compartment is OK, freeze it for 1 hour. After enough bells, the gummies should be hard enough to be cut into pieces. Let’s cut the gummies into small cubes, and you can cut them into shapes and sizes that are convenient for you! And spread the coconut mushroom on the surface.

That’s it for the ginger gummie!

Cooking Tips:

1 Keep stirring when dissolving brown sugar, don’t let it be mushy.

2 After steaming, it should be solidified, if it is not solidified enough, please extend the time appropriately.

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