What kind of eartips should I choose when buying headphones?


What kind of eartips should I choose when buying headphones?

Nowadays, with the power and popularity of smartphones, headphones have become almost a necessity. Due to the wide variety of headphones on the market, the good and the bad are uneven, which makes people picky. I believe that some friends spend a lot of money to buy headphones, as few as one or two, or as many as a dozen pairs. There is already some experience in choosing headphones.

As an important part of the headphones, the earmuffs are non-slip; Anti-leakage, enhance bass and prevent resonance between the earphone shell and ear bones when the volume is too loud. A good pair of headphones must have a very good pair of earmuffs to go with them. Let’s today

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The editor of Shenzhen Lilinxin Technology will introduce you to the earmuff materials commonly used in headphones. What are the characteristics of these earmuffs, and what grade of headphones are generally used in. In the future, if you pick up headphones, you can see what kind of material its eartips are, what advantages and disadvantages they have, and whether they are really suitable for themselves. You won’t spend a high price on low-end headphones, or buy headphones that don’t suit you. Here are the introductions to common earphone eartips:

Frogskin head-mounted eartips

Frog leather ear tips are also called embossed ear cushions, which look a little wrinkled and don’t look very good. It is mostly used in low-cost and low-end headphone products. Frog skin earmuffs are more comfortable, but they are easy to peel and slag. If you like this kind of headphones, for a long time, the earmuffs are easy to peel off and look old. These ear tips are very good for use as disposable earphone covers.

Silicone over-the-head eartips

Silicone ear tips are the least comfortable to wear among ear tips. Because it is relatively poor in air permeability, it is easy to curl and sweat. The cost is relatively low, so many Internet cafes used this headset in the past. However, it should be that the popularity of computers is high, and there are generally computers at home. Therefore, in order to attract customers, many Internet cafes are now well decorated and their equipment has been updated. The headphones of silicone earmuffs don’t seem to be much, at least not much of the editor.

Flannel ear tips

Flinter ear tips are comfortable to wear over headphones. Generally, high-end headphones will use this style of eartips. However, the disadvantage of flannel ear tips is that they are easier to get on hair and dust. If you are very hygienic, headphones with flannel earmuffs are also a good choice. It also has a certain warmth function in winter.

PU leather eartips

PU leather ear tips are also more comfortable to wear, and have strong waterproof and sweatproof functions, and are not easy to deform. However, it is slightly worse in terms of feel. Therefore, sensitive people wear it for a long time and may be a little uncomfortable.

Sponge earphone case

The foam earphone cover is a very lightweight ear tip, generally used in rear hanging headphones,

Over-ear headphones


Wait for the headset above. The price is relatively low, it is more comfortable to wear, and the sense of pressure is very small, but it is a little unclassy.

Protein earphone case

The leather surface is very smooth and feels very comfortable. Wearing it for a long time will not produce a sense of pressure, which is an ideal kind of earmuff. Generally used in high-end headphone series.

Of course, some well-known headphone manufacturers may only use protein earmuffs in high-end headphones in order to show the difference between different grades of headphones. However, like Shenzhen Lilinxin Technology, it provides headphone OEM services, and can choose a variety of ear tips for headphones according to the needs of customers. For more professional knowledge and headphone industry information on headphones, please visit:


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Protein earphone case

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