Lin update, a fashion boy that is always encountered, it is so handsome!


As a star who is easy to be encountered by netizens, Lin Update every time travel, wear a hot discussion of the majority of netizens. In the nearest “encounter”, this man named “Jiuyi Girl’s Dream”, dressed in pink cartoon t-shirt plus black denim, really travel, private service, the style is quite simple ……


When you visit the supermarket, I have been updated, I’m wearing a cartoon t-shirt jacket black sportswear, and a deep gray shorts in the lower body. Although it is still a casual style, the blue fisherman hatred is greatly increased. Spend!

Don’t be confused by Lin updated this unruly wear, in fact, our “Lin Dog” classmates are mixed with a countertop! For example, this leopard stitching coat is equipped with the wearing trousers, it is quite lofty!


Let your heartbeat “is a temptation”! On the blue shirt, wear a dark brunette quite averaged Lin update, 186cm’s posture is quite, and a handsome is unhappy!

When Lin update wears a Valentino deep gray suit suit, match the black rivet skin shoes, so the fashion and cool model is handsome you face? Looking at my new brother’s expression seems to be smiled …


In fact, dark suit is easy to pick, and the choice of the inner line is especially critical. Wearing gray bottoming shirt, jacket black suit, underwater is used in water washing black jeans, the corner is distinguished and radiant, and the new brother in selling cute is like this!


The first day, “Chu Qiao Chuan” is hot, this is not, Lin updated and Zhao Liying took a group of photo, wearing a black pen and tenure, using the same color butterfly bow tie as a decoration, perfectly showing the gentleman from “groom” With handsome!

After reading the forest update wearing a suit, you may wish to see Lin updated the real casual sports! Gray hooded sweater outside dark sports baseball clothing suit, shoulder sports bag Lin update seconds “sports teenager”, youth fashion fan full!

This year’s hot pajamas wind is not only limited to girls, it is suitable for girls ~ Lin update to wear lake water blue pajack shirt, take a white casual sleeping pants, step on the simple slippers, a lazy and chic, I found a new brother Really, you can dinner with the value!


Finally, the Jiuyi Girls will serve your high-quality idols – Lin updated film “handsome”. Lin updated a costume play, gothopoly hellokitty pink blanket, saying new brother, you are really a person who has no idol!

Come and tell me, do you like this, how can you update it with the ground?

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