Why did the car have an anime beauty Japanese hike?


Thanks to developed secondary anime culture, Japan derived a car culture in the car circle, called a motor vehicle. In fact, this is a kind of car painting, but the Japanese uses a second yuan comic or a game character image, the name and other spray or stickers are decorated on the car. Since the like of many Japanese young people, it has gradually developed into a Japanese Unique car culture. It is important to understand that the painful car film is different from the ordinary body full car film, because it is necessary to combine the character image on the uneven car, it requires more design and control of beauty.

The reason why it is called a hives, this “pain” is said to be a humanized compound word from Japan, which means that it does not recover, but it means that others don’t like but they are satisfied. There is also a saying that some people feel that people will be very painful, and the body is filmed or sprayed. The car itself will hurt, so it is called a motor vehicle. Today, these hives have also been loved by some domestic young car family, and they have posted a secondary anime character image on their own car, showing their own personality. But why is Japan’s secondary energy car culture, will it be in China?

Addition of young car purchases

车上铺满动漫美女 日本痛车文化缘何在中国兴起?

According to Joint Xinhuaxin survey data in the Southern Weekend, the owner accounted for 80-90 The ratio of all ages has exceeded 70% (this is also 2014 data, 2016 today’s estimated accounting is higher). After 80-90, this wave has been the main force of automobile consumption. It is different from the 50-70 purchase consumers in the past year. Today’s 80-90 consumer group buy cars is not just for business or family cars. There are still many young people to buy a car. Their feelings of their cars are more pure, and buy the car to experience the driving fun of the car itself. These young people have a pleasure of enjoying the speed, they will go to the car. Some people who like to be self-self, I will choose the painting car. And it is this wave of young people who have a very large influence in Japan. So if you choose a coated car, you will often choose an anime, the game character. Even if the painful car culture is a small culture, it is still in the country with a large number of 80-90 purchases.

车上铺满动漫美女 日本痛车文化缘何在中国兴起?

In fact, it is not all the age of 80-90 likes to have a hanger. This is a majority of the animation from the animation in the hives, which can also know what age groups like those age groups. For example, the current pain car’s car is very young, there are very few car stickers such as “Saint Seiya”, “Football Kid” and other anime works, indicating that I loved the animation of 80 after the year, I didn’t put like anime characters. The body of the body is good. And I opposite the current domestic paintings, more animation works now, such as “Oriental Project”, “Paradise Chasing – EXPELED FROM Paradise-“, explains that you like this type of popular animation, game 90 After that, it is a population that likes to show their personality with a potter.

Perclar cost is lower

Domestic hives cultural enthusiasts, generally do not use spray, but rather prefer to show anime characters in the form of a film. This is because the cost of the car is not high, even if the labor cost is added, it is not 2000-3,000 yuan. For consumer groups that can afford tens of thousands or even hundreds of cars, spend this money, you can show your most loved animation, and you will not feel expensive consumption. The reason why it is so cheap, because this type of car is often used in Japanese anime, game character image, and the seller on Taobao does not need to pay high copyright fees. And the Japanese, which is discovered in the cultural origin of the hives, to levy high tax burden for spraying or film-free hikes. It is said that this is also another kind of method known as “pain car”, and the owner feels very painful when the owner sang.

车上铺满动漫美女 日本痛车文化缘何在中国兴起?

Lack of management in the hives

车上铺满动漫美女 日本痛车文化缘何在中国兴起?

At present, domestic domestic coating cars is relatively lacking. Although the policy requires 30% of such paintings or foils to go to the vehicle tube, it will not be treated in time to go to the vehicle management. The Communication Provisions: “Driving on the road on the motor vehicle driving illegally modified, the public security traffic control department will detain the vehicle according to law, collect illegal devices, order to restore the original state, and fined 200 yuan according to law.” Because the body of the body is too fossil, it is unable to file more than three of the color of the body color or the color of the film. This means that once the pain car is caught by the traffic police, it will be fined 200 yuan as an illegal modification process, and tear into the film. However, in the actual driving process, many hives lovers said that the traffic police saw that you opened the pottery car, but there was only one unfortunate child to be oral warning, and said it once again found a fine of 200 yuan.

车上铺满动漫美女 日本痛车文化缘何在中国兴起?

In addition to worrying, the cultural enthusiasts of the hives are the most worried about annual inspection. Because of the annual inspection, it is necessary to tear off the car model. The second yuan car film full of the body needs to be revealed by a little bit, and many hives lovers say this is the most painful. However, since the implementation of new cars 6 years from September 2014, it has not need to drive this to directly receive the inspection mark. This is not only convenient for the owners, but also facilitates these hives. Because this means that as long as it is not caught by the traffic police, the body of the body can be posted for 6 years. And 6 years, there may be several waves.

It can be said that these factors add directly or indirectly to promote the development of the painful car culture. More and more people who like the hives began to put their beloved animation, the game image is posted on the car.

Treat the attitude towards the pain

It’s just a lot of people who have a cultural culture can’t understand, especially those who are worried about their children. But the hives are not decadent, it is also a car culture. Packers are not a flood beast, we don’t need to avoid it. Young people like Zhang Yang, showing self is not a mistake, just need to be correct guidance and norms. If these fancy passengers can also be included in the regulatory management in accordance with ordinary color change, the film-making handling filing is included in the regulatory management, and it is believed that the growth of the potential vehicle will have a positive positive guiding role.

车上铺满动漫美女 日本痛车文化缘何在中国兴起?

In fact, think about the current young people after these 85-90s, they like the enthusiasm of the animation, can’t be more than those who have a scour on the website of 哩 哩, crazy, I like various anime works, and are keen on all major After 95-00, the exhibition is 95-00. When this batch of 95-00 grows up, when they become the main force of automobile consumption in the future, the domestic potter cultural estimation will really rise. Maybe where, no matter what the old people are willing to be willing, the hives can become a public car culture.