Small hanging decorates, beautiful small partners for your car.


The private car entered more and more families, a large part of the young boysmen have their own cars, and dress up the car has also become a fashion, the owner shows its own personality through various accessories, creating Fashion, comfort, warm, safe car atmosphere. In various car interiors, car pendants have also become an indispensable component, and the car pendant can be said to be a beautified car ornament, or a simple spiritual pin. It is a more important ornament in the car. It is largely displayed the personality and aesthetics, beautification of the owner and the overall atmosphere in the car, the car pendant is dazzling, how to choose, Xiaobian thinks that it is good, And outstanding personality, is the focus of our choice, in addition, considering the material is good for our health, do not block the sight, do not affect our driving safety. The following small series introduces several styles of different style, all have a thousand autumn, which one do you like?


Car ornaments Cute female students Cartoon couple creative cargo car small doll car internal supply car ornament

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This is a very sweet car. A pair of cartoon little boy drawn by a resin process, a pure hand drawn, a couple of car ornaments. A pair of cute sweet little couples take a puppy, look cute sweet, little girl skirt, there are three words: don’t forget me. Put in the car, instantly warm, cute, romantic. A pair of leisurely couples, holding a dog, walking in a happy road, in the noisy city, this quiet, seeing them, is it particularly soft and warm? There is a child in the family to buy this in the car, and the child will definitely love! If a friend gets married, use this to give them the most suitable, add happiness and romance.

Here is an accessory that is both a decoration and a perfume bottle. I like the car owners in the car, see here ~~~

Car Perfume Block blessing men and women ornaments car jewelry car interior small creative car on car decoration supplies

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This crystal ball car perfume seat is exquisitely refined by the essential crystal, small and exquisite, crystal clear, sun shine, reflects colorful brilliance.璀璨 璀目. 360-degree colorful profile, 3D internal carving technology, makes the refinement of the pattern detail in crystal. The owner can add perfume according to the preference, so that the car is always aromatic. There are many options in the crystal pattern. Put your own car or send people, it is a good choice.

Driving, we carefully care is safe, 貔貅 is the traditional Baotian God of my country, so many friends choose to place in the car.

Car pendant 貔貅 glazed car jewelry car hanging car supplies

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This is an artificial diamond, the beast pendant. It is a mascot, the meaning is high, and the flowers are blooming, the string pendants, the intensive future, and the peace is also sent. This fine-crafted, finely created every detail, clear texture, glossy, back bronzing, more grade, meaning peace. The following pendants selection high quality tea crystal, hidden silver, careful match, dazzling, meaningful, can be safe, evil spirits, stable career development, similar to wealth, can bring wealth, peace. The safe metal on the back, under the sunlight, lining the dynamic beauty of the hoe. Color is more beautiful. More can bless the owner to go happy, and go home flat.


We all like the big white, accompany us with the image of perfume bottle ~~~


Color car perfume pendant car perfume bottle hanging creative hanging perfume car essential oil pendant


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This sleepy big hundred car perfume pendant, the appearance can love warm heart, fashion, let you fall in love with it! Natural essence oil extraction, from Spain, its cool, fresh herbal medicine, can refresh the brain, purify the air, relieve the sleepiness caused by lack of sleep, reach the effect of refreshing, activating function. Six kinds of fragrances are available, telescopic, freely adjusting the housing height, the original wooden top cover, the original ecological filter volatilization, the colorful bottle, the sun, the sun is released. It is both hanging ornaments, and the fragrance, the fragrance makes the car better!

Here is a simple peach car pendant. You can choose this kind of friend who likes Buddhism.

High-end guarantees car pendant car interior ornaments ornaments car hanging trolley on the rearview mirror crystal


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This is purely hand-made peach mutual pendant, ancient valley, meaning far, pure hand technology, beads, and transfer to the details, accessories have selected 3-4 times to screen out, after making a finished product, finished Wash the water with the temple, purify it 24 hours, then pray in Lingyin Temple in Lingyin Temple in each string of Baoshu, and then put it into the box. I have a little delicate flavor. It looks more high-end atmosphere. It’s just that this is very deep, it is more suitable for ripe and stable owners.

Car ornaments have become a culture. Here, Xiaobian should say that the owners choose exquisite pendants, like pendants, which helps us have a good mood. However, the car pendant should be based on the car itself, which is consistent with the overall environment in the car. If the style is too big, it is not harmonious.