Women in the triangle? Still a four-pool! Xiaobian is introduced to you.


I don’t know if you have found it.

The difference between men and women in the end.

Men generally select flat angle,

And ladies multiple choice triangular.

Why do most women do not choose a flat angle?

Flat angle is not necessarily healthy and comfortable

Compared to triangular,

Flat angle natural “no trace”,

Can avoid the troubles of summer single trousers.

Make the little fairy up and down the stairs.

But it only solves the surface trouble,

Due to the larger surface-angle skin area,

If the material is not comfortable, it is not breathable.

The hidden dangers will end out.

The body’s secret site is distributed with a sweat gland.

A large amount of sweat is discharged from this.

Some non-breathable underwear

Will protect the sticky sweat in private parts,

Not only uncomfortable,

And it is easy to breed by moisture.

Everyone is doing some upper and lower squats, bounce,

When moving on a large move,

Flat angle pants start unlimited

Volume, leg,


The squid is completely enough.

Flat angle underwear is not suitable for physiological

Be a fairy,

There have been for a few days every month.

Unable to resist the visit of the big aunt.


The little wings of the aunt towel can be easily attached to the triangular panties.

Let you feel “steady happiness”.

If you change to a relaxed and comfortable pants.

I accidentally, the little wings of my aunt flew away.

Without the guardian of the wings, the side leakage is always inevitable.

There is a little fairy saying,

The aunt does not have to use the aunt towel with a guardian.

You can also use sanitary wool, menstrual cup ~

It is not necessary to use the triangular function to stick your wings.

But according to statistics,

China’s female compatriots use nearly 70 billion sanitary napkins each year.

Most people have never used a sanitary strip.

The huge Chinese aunt market,

I opened the arms to the trip.

In the traditional concept, the pants have always been a patented man.

Ladies wear pants,

I always feel that a few varieties of feminine will.

After the born trippers,

Has been seen as the greatest inventions in the world.

From the aesthetics of clothing,

Triangle catering the trend of the times,

Pursue in the pursuit of women within the beauty.

From the female figure,

The triangle is cut by your shoulder muscle line,

And the adult woman’s body is returned to the perfect proportion.