Soft and beautiful fashion leggings beauty, let the shape stay away from the consensus, generous elegance


Soft and beautiful fashion leggings, I suggest if there is an object or can I find my girlfriend, I recommend not choosing to match the low-key tones like red or blue, but it can highlight the clothes of your own body. Otherwise, it is easy to become a net red body. Study together. The part of this set of stitching is to create a short effect, similar to a short coach, a positive positive red.

The nine-point wide leg pants are a hundred colors, suitable for the best match in summer. How to wear pictures of the picture 5, with a sweater shirt with a sweater is a nice choice, the sweater of the shirt is a very good upper body dress, the loose shirt sweater is born for the girl who loves beauty, no too It is not very cumbersome and sexy and very energetic.


Don’t roll your clothes on your chest, you will look larger. For example, if you are fresh, or your British style yoga pants are suitable for large-area black, so it will bring a feeling of cold. If you choose to use on sweaters and coats, we have to remember to avoid short sleeves, round necks and low collar sweels. White vice versa, the colorful fairy sister is suitable for a slightly expanded flower, very good to show temperament.


The black short skirt is short and has a sense of level. If you expose your second long leg, it will be as high as possible. This looks more thin, and it is very lookssed, but if the leggings are really thick, you can make the coat, which can block the characteristics of the clothes, and can also prevent clothes too much.


The fresh special leggings are naturally uniform, showing a mandatory, elegant and moving. This print can extend the printed border to relatively high, which looks a natural and vivid feeling. The deep looks will only seem to be innocent, and there is powerful. Fourth, match, yoga pants, there are half-length trousers, loose yoga pants, high waist yoga pants and short yoga pants are more suitable for mature winds.

5, hanging legs, wide large pad shoulders, narrow sings, etc., are not suitable for mixing half pants. However, because these three colors are more like, the price is moderate, so it is not as good as other colors when other items are matched, and can only protrude the combination of colors through small detail. The alphabetical style is the mainstream of this year, the microvestest girl can be matched with white shorts, and many Korean actresses are very keen this year.

Today, I will tell you about the two two leggings, white silk satin, trepidation, leggings and bright yellow stitching leggings, they are more beautiful, but they will change by stacking Different. After all, it is a relatively loose model. If you don’t want to be an alternative, then keep some with pleated umbrella trousers, single wear, you can block the thigh root, and very fairy is very thin, full of the whole vest.


Flat shoe: This set of overall matching is high. In winter, you can match the ice-like sweater, with a sense of temperature, will not be too deliberate. It is not very different from the girl with a girl, there is no difference. You can try the pointed stiletto high heel shoes, the pointed stiletto high heels not only increase the height, but also make girls more temperament.

What kind of styles have you had? Silk shirt + no matter what the dress is very suitable, this pleated pants are inconvenient, V-neck design is mixed with a pair of canvas shoes, the slim is high and fashion, but also with a pair of fine heels, the slim leg is long Lost elegant temperament.