How to wear a fashionable “leggings” Don’t miss it, warm and thin


The leggings have been a single product, but later became the item that was cast by fashion. Why is legs that will be disappeared? Still not because it is fake and easy to wear uneasyness?

In the fashion circle Miscery for many years, we will tell you for the master experience: leggings is the warm pants in winter, master the real senior universal matching, leggings can make you warm!

The previous leggings are all too soil, this year is coming to try these truly useful leggings wearing a thinking:

1. Different style tops

2. Overlay with loose loading

(Pants, a few common wearing ideas)

Ideas 1: Troubles

>> Single product combination routine

01. Mid-length sweater + black leggings + medium stockings

There is no match with the sweater to match the leggings, and the young girl is so lively and cute. This set of matches is also a combination of trying this year ~

Like a small sun-like warm goose yellow sweater, with black leggings,


A narrow matching method is suitable for all figure.


The most important thing is to wear a pair of middle stockings that echoes with tops or shoes, and then come on a pair of casual youthful old shoes, trend and fashion, passing through, will not regret!

02. Down Jacket + Solid Color Less Pants + Old Shoes


If there is also a single wear rustic, superimposed and strong down jacket in your wardrobe, it must be tried to combine it with the leggings.


Like this length, just, on the hips, not long loose down jacket with black leggings,

The old deeds of the balance center is the key.

Plus an increase in fashionable knitted cap and the Messenger bag, once being discarded two items, immediately became the trend of the fashion frontier ~

03. Long coat or down jacket + high waist leggings

The style of the coat itself is well known, wearing a clean knee or bare boots when wearing leggings will be more in line with the overall gas field.


Wearing the style of the down jacket is more biased to neutral casual wearing leggings

You can choose the most black, put a pair of sneakers or old shoes on your feet, so you won’t look old.

“Dry Summary”

When leggings are equipped with sweaters, sweaters can be superimposed, and they will be laid down, and they will be more level.

When leggings with down jackets or coats, it will not be bloated.

>> Modifications to different body

01. Short legs, poor proportion> Tongue line thinking

Female girl in short legs

Be sure to let the leggings and shoes form a colored line.

Choose a relaxed short jacket to assist, the shorter length is long.

It is not confident enough for leg-oriented, you can choose black, only white insights at the collar. If the legs are slender, they can only wear high waist leggings, with black shoes, plus small fragrant wind jackets, light luxury and fashionable.


02. Tasty fat, thick legs> wide and narrow

Girls with body-shaped fat or thick legs must learn to be wide and narrow


Length, sleeve long-faced loose long coat is the artifact of black meat,

With leggings, super suitable for winter. You can also take the waistband of the coat, only expose the most slender calf part, and it is also a temperament goddess ~

03. Leg type is not straight, calf thick> loose straight line modification

As for those who are thick and leg-type, they must learn to modify their legs through straight lines.

Straight lines tailored suits, using loose clothes to cover the crotch.

The calf is thick, selecting the length of the knight boots below the knee below the knee.

With the same color leggings, there is also the role of modified leg shape!

Idea 2: Less pants

01. Irregular knitting long skirt laminated with color leggings

If you want to design,

The most recommended is to choose the waist of the skirt or the half skirt, there is a geometry irregular design.

This irregular design is both simple, but also design elements, completely don’t worry that it will produce bloated feelings.

For example, this soft knitted half dress is equipped with a geometric design, it has set up three-dimensional, with the same colored leggings, let you match it again ~


02. bright color bottom skirt overlay black leggings

Bright bottoming skirt, don’t know what leggings choose, then choose the biggest black. Turning yellow bottoming skirt with black leggings, look, and give people a surprise.

But it should be noted that

Black leggings must have the corresponding color echo on clothing or accessories, otherwise it will be too awkward.

03. Coat + semi-skirt stacking leggings

Coats can also be added to the strip of leggings. During the long coat, when wearing a skirt,


Don’t completely flush the end of the coat and the skirt.

As soon as the above, it is slightly revealing a small black skirt.

There is a difference between coats and skirt widths.

I will look very level in the leggings of the same color.


Skirt overlapped with leggings

At least one of the brightness of color and color of color, so that you can avoid obscuring. The long coat is stuck in the skirt to be displaced, and the short coat is stuck in the skirt must have a high waist line.

>> Prevention of temperament and fashion

01. Single items in different fields

If it is a style that is not good, try to combine it with another single product that is easy to control.

Will not look rustic.


Reference match>

The suit vest is light luxurious and charming, with a neutral casual black leggings, you will be young and a few years old!

02. Reduce the area of ​​leggings when skirt

If it is skin tone, coffee, etc. It is easy to bring out leggings, which is not suitable for a large area. I want to change my advanced,


It is necessary to minimize the area they appear.

Black leggings cover most of the long pleated half skirt, only the most slender ankle and calf neck part, then match the short woolen coat, who can say your rustic?

03. Enhance the uniformity of the lower body


The contrast and difference between dress and leggings are also the source of rustic, if you want to become temperate, then, then,

The unity and integrity of the lower body, you have to pay attention.

Enhance the uniformity of the lower body, you can choose the same color match like the sister above. Of course,

It can also be uniformized by the lower body, that is, the leggings and semi-skirts choose the same material, or the same glossy fabric.

(Chapter Summary)

1. The leggings will be to enhance the amount of feet, the choice of the shoes and the style of the upper clothes.

2. The leggings are superimposed at the time of superimposing of the long skirt.


In the impression, it seems that only the body of the body can take the leggings and pick up. But today, master the leggings match the mystery, there is no good figure, you can easily hold leggings, isn’t it a sense of accomplishment?

What’s more, in the wide-leg pants in the winter, you suddenly wear fashionable leggings, exposed a slender long legs, confident generous, no matter where it is, it is the most eye-catching scenery in the crowd. Such a winter, so the perfect leggings are worthy of our beautiful women ~


>> Single product combination routine

“Dry Summary”


Reference match>

Reference match>