I can’t have a scarf in autumn and winter. Do you know how to choose, how do you take it? Successfully embellished


In the autumn and winter, there is still a missing point in addition to those necessary batches in the wardrobe of the fashion. Yes, that is

Autumn and winter limited time “scarf”

. As a seasonal such single product, due to its practical

Periodic short

It is often not attached to the role of it in the overall shape of the clothing.

Nowadays, clothing is no longer a simple combination between clothing and clothes, more is a kind of coordination between clothes and scarves.


. Let autumn and winter wear no longer boring and boring. How to match

Avant-garde and fashionable

Woolen cloth? After reading this article, you will have to harvest.

First, different fabrics of scarves

The fabric of the autumn and winter scarf on the market is basically

Cotton, chemical fiber (polyester, haar, etc.), wool, cashmere

Waiting for a similar

Thick cloth


Wool woven

Main. Relatively


International brand

Such as Burberry, Hermes, etc., selection of fabrics in some scarves, often use

Rare cashmere


Lamb wool

As a raw material.

This is also why it is similar to a scarf appearance, but actually wearer’s


still is

Sense of use


Have a thousand words

s reason. The following is listed in the market, more common scarf fabrics are used to do specific analysis, so that everyone can have a more intuitive experience and feelings.

1, cotton fabric

We open the phone, most of the majority of the major categories of shopping platform sites is the scarf of cotton fabrics, most of them are mainly vegetarian, and this scarf is characterized.

The price is much cheaper than wool, cashmere fabrics.

, Cost-effective is relatively high.

Hand feels compared to polyester

This type of chemical fiber material,

More soft and comfortable


. But also exists





Waiting for the shortcomings.

2, chemical fiber fabric

Chemical fiber fabrics are also one of the most common fabrics in the modern apparel industry, whether cost or production processes are convenient and effort.



Speaking of chemical fiber materials, people in my mind should be non-polyester, and the scarf of polyester is often

The price is relatively low


Quality sense of quality

. Especially as a scarf, the autumn and winter is easy to be with the human body.

Static electricity

It is easy to adsorb to other laundry surfaces,

The overall shape is not effective

. But it’s

Durable degree is relative to higher

High temperature resistance, pleats, not easy to deform

Waiting for it




Syringe is better than other chemical fiber fabrics, whether it is from the hand or warmth, and the appearance is very similar to the wool fabric, so it is also known as “

Synthetic wool

“But its wear resistance is much worse than other fibers, and the elasticity is not as good as wool.

easily transformed

And in dyeing

Code of color absorption

This is also the fabric


s reason. Wear

Easy to rub the friction with skin, and is easily dirty

3, wool

Fabrics of wool this type of natural product,

Good elasticity and strong insulation

As a scarf used in autumn and winter, it is an optimal choice. But also

The price is relatively high

Most brands do not choose wool to be the first original material for a scarf.


4, cashmere

Cashmere is also from the sheep, but


Cashmere is even more rare


The price is higher

. And only the fluffy can be called cashmere from the goat, and the rest cannot be called cashmere. The advantage is

Feel smoothly


, Contact with the skin zero distance

Do not produce foreign body sensation

High color gloss

Warm is also the best in the fabric

A class,


Good breathable

. But due to animal fibers,

Easy insect

In the wet environment



Therefore, it requires a higher requirement to place the environment.

Second, the different system of scarves

The difference between the fabric has been finished, then let’s talk about it again.

How to use the same scarf, through different system, match a different feeling

. The following is a few common, and the most popular scarf system is for everyone to learn and reference.


绶 belt method

This is also the most popular scarf system in the fashion world in the near future, which is the most popular of all kinds of stars.

Tideman wearing a law

. Don’t need too much wearing skills, just a big scarf, a coat and a belt can be concave

The most fried shape

, All the streets

Maximum turn ratio

. This method will people

Waist overall lift

From the visual pull the length of the leg. And this type of system

Not limited by gender

Male and women.





The most foundation, the most daily


The system, simple and simple, there is no shortage of atmosphere and high level. Wrap the scarf around the neck, leave the two ends to be on the chest, the biggest highlight of this type of system is

Different lengths in both ends of the scarf



Increase the fashion of the overall clothing, and add a sense of energy to people.



Cross is more suitable for

Short scarf

The length is not suitable for a scarf for a long-term system, and it can be said that it is a generic method that is long and simple. Cross the scarf on a side of the shoulder to form a

Visual interlaced sense


. Improve the grade of the overall costume,

Simple and elegant.


Insertion method

Also known, my mother looked at warm style. The entire scarf is integrated in the whole medium, which is more suitable

Daily commuter

The bouting, not too public and the eyeball, truly role in the warmth of the scarf. The long scarf is folded, and the end of the scarf into the confuting gap can also be combined with the long short-term techniques mentioned earlier. It can be from the scarf or other non-equal length from the scarf, and everything depends on the individual. Hello,

There is no complete standardization and restriction.


Candy gang

As the name suggests is the scarf

Stroke into a shape of a candy

, Add a few points in daily dress

Cute and lively girl

. This type of system is more older, and the long phase is subjected to

Beautiful young girl


. It can be done in the middle of the chest in accordance with personal preferences, or move it to both sides of the neck.



Shawl method

Large a large area of ​​scarf,

Two pieces of the left and right are stacked in the shoulders and chest

If necessary, use a clip or a brooch to fix it. This type of system gives one

Very cool lazy style

It is a must-have skill that is tidal.

Cabblish and have a chapter

It will not be obvious too than cauting or a dead plate.

Third, scarving skills

Since some fabrics and system methods have been clear, the actual operation is used, and the scarf is combined with our daily dress, and the collision between color patterns, materials, the style is generated, and the new clothing visual effect is produced. ,

Color matching method


In the same color system, it is the visual harmony, which in this type of clothing, the joining of the scarf will not be the focus of the vision of clothing, more

The nature of an attachment appears

In the entire look, this kind of matching is more suitable for some activities attending some relatively daily.

Leisure and daily


Scarf this kind of dress

Focus on the entire clothing

The bold color is made a stark contrast with the overall costume, very catching people. This type of dress is also compared

Test the temperament conditions of the wearer





. How to control this type of style?

First of all, we must follow the following principles: in this kind of matching

Follow the color echo principle

Although the scarf is a bright spot of the whole, it is necessary to match the color of the color of the color of the color, so that the scarf will be more isolated in this whole.

Second, it is necessary to follow


Color complementarity principle

Each color is opposite, that is, two colors on the diagonal, called complementary colors. Use complementary colors to make overall clothing color matching to avoid catastrophic errors.

2, pattern matching method

The current pattern of different patterns is challenged, and some people also have a pressure of matching. I don’t know how to match this type of scarf with a stylish high level.

Grily pattern


When we match the grilled scarf, we need to pay attention to the size of the scarf pattern,

Follow the principle of matching.

It means that if it is a big grid pattern, the pattern grille in the costume can not exceed the size of this scarf, otherwise it will give people a mess, which is not concerned about the focus of the overall clothing. Or, when using a grilled scarf, avoid the clothes again, and select the plain coat, pants, etc., directly

Avoid the sense of competition between patterns


The small lattice pattern scarf can be matched with a larger stripe pattern to a certain extent, and the level of visual sense and increase the level of clothing. Of course, if you just get in touch with a small white, avoiding a set of two patterns in a set of patches in a set of patterns, if it is a plaid coat, then a wicked scarf, but in turn, payment. There is a kind of pattern of small area, and it is also a fashionable manifestation.

Stripe pattern

And the grilled pattern is actually similar, the stripe pattern is also

Rough stripes, thin stripes

Difference, matching principle

Following the same size of the stripes, or only one place


, More eye-catching and mess.

Constantly exploring and trying in fashion, is a mentality that we need to have. Everyone can touch their own style. This time, the sharing of scarves is here, how to put daily clothing in daily clothing in autumn, new style, and scarves are essential. If you have your own doubts, welcome to leave a message, let’s discuss, thank you again, thank you.