How many straight men’s taboo love?


The family is good at noon, winter is here.


As the only male editorial department, I want to ask a male compatriots:


You wear




It is the thickening stockings that is almost the long legs, yoga trousers.


My colleague @ 姜 姜 我 我多.

She said that when our men still blame “why two autumn pants are not warm”;

The girls only need a plus velvet leggings, they can sway the two legs in the street.

I don’t understand, but I cried.

We live in the winter, usually only two options, wearing autumn trousers, or hanging empty blocks.

Unfortunately, both experience is not good.

When you choose to persist yourself, in the mottled jeans, you can protect your legs with your legs;


Girls are not high to see you, don’t know, arthritis and rheumatism will be able to find the door.

I may even get cold

Hip tensile frostbite



And choose to wear the autumn trousers, it also needs courage.

Because you wear, it is not necessarily taken off.

After some pulling in the evening, you finally torn it, but lost a few legs;


Hanging the autumn pants hanging, occasionally


It will bring visual impact.

The drums of the slabs, the drums at the knee, can not be ugly, can only say

Have a very twisted

When you put on the risks of the world, we put on the autumn trousers, and comfort yourself “anyway to wear the head”;

The sudden accident will break this quiet.

The hotel secrets, the feelings of love, and I found that the other party wear a full set of peasant Antarctic people;

Thousands of men and women are therefore blocked.

It is good to break the mystery in front of you.


Men who are suffering from the bloated and cold and cold, seem to have a truth.


Beginning have seen your eyes to the leggings of your girlfriend.

They are not flat, why do you have a cotton trousers + colored pants + stuffed into socks, the old man is fully upper, still can’t stop the wind;


And the girl is only a leggings, it is realized.

Warm and slim belly


With questions, I asked the majority of men asked colleagues;

The resulting response is actually a wave of leggings, and the ridiculous laughter of the plush blanket on my leg.

I understand, this thing is not blowing,

I decided to hit one in this way.


After all, in 43 years of reform and opening up, even the quotes are not limited to gender;

Men wear a tight and velvet pants, maybe not metamorphosis, just need.

Although the public wears leggings to brew leggings, he is too hesitial.

But you may wish to have a batch of warriors with experimental spirit.

Dare to break through this gender.

According to incomplete statistics, 25 million boys in China steal leggings on orange software.

Contains orders with two leggings, accounting for 25% of the total number of orders.

And the large size of the size is usually stepped on foot or trousers, black, and 10000 days thick.

Many male customers argue are helping the other half.

“Men can wear?” “Is there an increased code?”

Help the other half of the other half.

“D is the thickness, the larger the next, the next warm, it is best to buy foot, prevent the card.”

My friend, I am talking about it;

“And check if there is any line.”

After discussing the wearing knowledge of the pants,


I have two faces, I will smile.

Some boys, especially the boy north north of North China Plains, replaced the girlfriend (with no need) leggings in the winter of this winter.

This kind of psychology is like the summer to help girls, the surface is self-sacrifice, and the facts are scorpion.

As the other half of the frozen men, you can even feel his sincere body movements.

It is most of the big husband’s face with your girlfriend.

The door of the locker room is the true face of your man.


Even if the parties claim that they can’t find the trousers, we are all clear, when there is a warm leggings in the winter;

The trousers on the side are not important.

The eyes of the wife play, maybe it is already a ridicule.

How did a well-known LOL player have not thought that he casually sent a love to his wife, and became a map of the other party Weibo.

When he argues his own autumn pants, when he disappeared, the tears of the male audience disappeared.

After all, everyone understood that the world champion also went through the winter, the trophy from Paris was not as good as a plus velvet leggings.

It turns out that men wear leggings, only 0 times and countless times.

My straight boyfriend Sun Dazhuang frankly.

When he put on his girlfriend’s leggings in a bad winter, he didn’t want to take off.

Touching the face of the trousers, silky like a fingertip in the ice skating.

Put your legs in your head, the internal fluff is like a sustained tightness.

The rabbit is branched back to the sofa, and the hands are put on, “簌簌” is wear.


The high waist leggings can be pulled until the navel, and the silk is wrapped in the buttocks of the cold wind.

At that moment, he felt unprecedented slim and warmth.

Overall, there is no discomfort, there is a safe feeling that is tight.

That leggings are sutured in the big legs until the end of the winter will be fade.

Nowadays, thousands of male compatriots are addicted to the leggings of beautiful non-frozen people.

Not only started to wear, but also sharing your own ecstasy online.

The leggings relative to the affordable prices of men’s warm pants, let men call the blood.

The waist, hips, and even prevent the effects of venous songs, but also give them reasons for them.

I have been born for a long time, my body and mind are liberated.

It can be said to be the truth, it is completely not shameful.

The Internet is cool to the flowers, and I don’t dare to make the friends in front of your friends and relatives.

Your mother asks you to wear a long troumony, you dare not say that you wear upgrades;

The little light in my colleague is full, you should call the socks in the trousers.

after all,


Wearing is the heart call, Tibetan is a secular constraint.

Men wear leggings, what is wrong?

Cheap, silk, warm, close, and object wear;


In addition to highlighting unnecessary curves, it seems to be able to pick it up.

The majority of male compatriots, it is difficult to find between the temperature and the demenceness.

The most suitable solution


Promise my sisters, this winter, if the boyfriend steals your leggings;


Don’t blame, don’t be angry.


Because no matter the colored trousers,

This can keep warm is a good pants.

And “I bought big, you wear it”, will warm him, all in winter.




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