41-year-old Liu Yan private service is clean, hooded sweater with straightening pants, casual comfort and clean


Unlike the light and beautiful on the screen, the female stars like our ordinary people, like comfort and casuality. Of course, as a public figure, it is also necessary to maintain a fashionable image.


To say that it is easy to have a very stylish single product, jeans and sweaters must have a name. Very street feeling is low, and it is very energetic. With sexy body, Liu Yan, wearing a blue sweater with jeans very ground, although there is no very strong star style, but the overall feeling like a female student, very pure and lovely feel.


Sweater loose and fat style will bring strong comfort, and it is also very inclusive for the body. High fat and thin can be controlled, especially the love of more meat.

The more the single item of the classic audience is, the more you need to use the color to improve the eye. Liu Yan’s color is very purely, blue fresh and bright eyes are very warm.

The chest is relatively easy to dress, and Liu Yan’s basic hatred, although it is not very highlighting, it is very casual and has the effect of visually shrinking the chest, with light blue straight pants. And can also modify the leg lines. The same color is comfortable, and the whole gives a good feeling.

The style of sweater is almost small, and there is no significant change in the treatment of details, so the only color of the eye can improve the color of the eye.

Of course, the choice of color is also combined with your skin and your own temperament, the warm colors will make the leisure shape are warm, and it is more suitable for the weather in the cold. Most people prefer cold tones, which can show or feel clear or handsome. Especially in the past few years, the neutral wind is very popular. You can first determine the style, and the choice of color is easier.

The solid color sweater has a huge simplicity, and its disadvantage is that it lacks a sexy. So when you choose a single product, you can put your eyes on a style with a small design.


Like a styles with print patterns, use small embellishments to make the shape more look. The more compact print will enhance the exquisiteness, and the large alphabetic design will make neutral temperament more rich. But as much as possible away from the exaggerated pattern, it seems that the design of very kinds of state, but it will require a higher temperament.

Sweater is very popular, and it is very good to match it. Can combine with a variety of styles, it is easy to make the shape more diversified.

The straight jeans is one of the common matchs, and anything of any body can control, especially the pear shaped body. Many people think that light is easier, while straight jeans can cancel this issue. The highly available material can strengthen the line feeling, while the shortcomings of the body, there is also the effect of longitudinal stretching the legs.

The autumn and winter season is relaxed and comfortable, which can bring warm and uncomfortable experience. The sports suit can be exempted from the troubles, and the shape of the sweater is more superior.


Liu Yan This group of black sports suit is styled, and it has a generous version of a generous version, directly highlighting the delicate and slim advantage.


White round neck T-shirt is clean and refreshing, classic black and white color fashion is bright. But didn’t pay attention to the waistline to create, plus the pants a bit stacked, directly caused shortness of the leg, this must pay attention to the daily wear, especially the one is not very high, so that wear a few people .

A small body is not a very strong woman, it is more recommended to choose a relatively profit style. Many people think that the long-long coats are only suitable for high sizes, and once they can create a sense of layering, the little child can easily control.

The first is the creation of the high waistline, the second is that the color matching must be different, so that the shape looks rich, it will better play a significant effect. This group of shape is successful, if the pants are replaced with a more sensible version, it will make the figure look more tall.