The Dilemma of the NFL Lala players, the exploitation of rights and the controlled life


Become a member of the North Carolina Black Legala’s “Topcats” means facing various regulations: the day of the game, you must arrive at the stadium before the ball is at least five hours; if there is a body puncture and tangery, it is necessary to clear or cover the handling Only when the Black Panther team offensive, the Lara team can make a rest. In addition, Topcats members must replace their clothes after leaving the court.

A 2009 Lara team manual recorded, Baltimore Eagle’s Lara players should accept routine weighing inspections and be asked to “maintain ideal weight”. In recent years, Cincinnati Tiger Tiger has set a more accurate indicator for the Lara players: no more than “ideal weight” three pounds.

Some pull teams have to pay their own pockets, spend hundreds of dollars to buy uniforms, and their remuneration is more cold than the minimum wage. The Lara captain was forced to sell lottery tickets and calendars and came out of charity and golf tournaments, but they did not have any returns from these activities. The New York Times reviewed seven labette manuals, which also involved personal hygiene guidance, such as scraping skills, and the correct use of the sanitary tampon. In some cases, the Lala team must even wear sports pants in public applications.

This year, the New Orleans saints fired a laculator, and the latter issued a “unsuitable” photo on the personal instagram account. Saint team is not an example, many teams in the American Professional Football Great League (NFL) will be strive, it seems that it has been obsolete to strongly add to the Lara players.

Many NFL teams are even trying to impose a wide control of private life of the Lara. For example, restricting the social media activities of the Lara players to limit their choices for dating and social objects. The Lara team also faces control of the team in the nail polish and wearing jewelery.

It has also brought another public relations problem to NFL as in the above provisions and additional work. The New York Times reported the resistance of Bayy Davis last week. The Lara player who was covered by the Saint team was complained to the Equal Employment Opportunities Committee in January this year. The NFL is working in Davis complaints, NFL is working on a series of domestic violence and sexual harassment issues involving players and big parliament employees, and in a broader level and social pulse: in almost all areas of the next US, gender equality issues They are facing unprecedented attention and examining.

Davis’s complaint is just the first step, and it may be a long litigation against the Saints and the large alliance. Last week, Davis frequently boarded the TV show, criticizing the Saints and other NFL teams set up “Defictive Women (Davis”.


Leslie A. Lanusse pointed out that the team strives to treat all the employees, and denied that the team will treat Davis based on gender and discrimination. “In the right time location, the Saints will defend the team policy and workplace.” Lanes wrote in an email.


NFL official refused to comment. The crow has not responded to the issue of its current policy. The Bangladesh tiger said that the team has adjusted the Rara team to regulate, no more accurate weight indicators.

NFL players rely on trade unions to form tissues, usually unrestricted, independently selectively achieve self-propaganda and rights promotion. In contrast, the Lara team is only a weak temporary worker. Queue in Chicago, New York Giants and Pittsburgh steel people did not recruit the lacquer. Of the remaining more than 20 teams that have built the Lara team, most of the contracts and the contracts provided to the Lala player are related to the relevant regulations.

Some other regulations are the specific response to the continuous change of social atmosphere. Lara captains who complained that poor working conditions were told that they can be replaced at any time. Similar threats are never just talk about the mouth. In this relationship between “Employees – Employers”, the team has absolute power.

“The team intends to control women’s one fell swimming, and even their private life also wants to be dyed.” Leslie Levy once as a proxy lawyer of Laracard, sued employer New York jet and Auckland raid “This is the embodiment of power operation. I totally impressed that there is another professional field, and the employer will apply such a degree of control, and even the tentacles extend to their work.”


Livi has achieved certain results with other lawyers. In 2016, the jets agreed to pay nearly $ 3.25 million in the Prala members. “Raiderettes” Lala team gets $ 1.25 million from the raid team. (The raid team did not respond to questions about its ladie policy)


The Rara captain of the Auckland raid got a victory in court and recovered more than $ 1 million.

Although the salary treatment of the labrans has improved, all kinds of regulations still exist, partly in the supply greater than seeking. Most teams will only recruit dozens of Lara players, and they have to compete with hundreds of candidates in the trial play, try their best. The Saint team clearly stipulates that the Terrace players do not exceed 4 years. Even so, there are still thousands of women who are eager to join the NFL Lala.

There is no doubt that the part of the Lala team is far from being able to cover the harvest of the better experience.

“The experience of the Lara team has changed my life.” Flavia Berys was a member of the San Diego flash, and she published the book of the tips for the tips in the Taga team and became one afterwards. Famous real estate lawyer. “When I was still in the NFL Lala team, I fully learned how to deal with the media, I got the decree of managing and professional literacy. We are guided how to interact with team staff, players, and the entire industry. We accept training only for one Objective, look back, I think the original is completely correct. “

Although some NFL Lara team managed by female person in charge, almost all team bosses are men. The alliance gives the team to establish the power of the Lara team system.

The Lara team is considered an essential ring in the day of the game, making the fans and the daily entertainment of the scene to seek on the scene. For decades, many teams began to embrace the philosophy of “color phase can sell money”. The Lara captain walked on the exposed clothing, waving plastic smear, and jumped in a male rugby game. Dance.

More than ten NFL teams made a clear provision in the issued Rara team; in addition, the profession of the Lara player has also been applied to a large number of incapacitated regulations. In the game day, the passion of the passion is actually difficult to trek in a severe regulatory work environment.

Over the years, members of the Saint “Saintsations” Lara team, New Orleans have to sell the exaggerated calendar of the bikini. Before each home game, the Lara team wants to walk outside the stadium, try selling their 20 calendar quotas to the fans, many of which are drunk. If you can’t sell 20 parts before the game, the Lara team will continue to sell on the desk.

“You are afraid that you will experience ‘salty pig hand’ when you have passed someone.” Davis, who was fired by the Saint team in January this year. “Every girl is fearful to the ‘sales moment of the game. We were really thrown into the middle of the play, and I feel that I was completely despised. Who will push a group with a cash-walking professional label player? Drunk fans coexist? “

Two male dancers in Quinton and Napoleon will join the 40 people of Los Angeles Labala team. (The picture shows Kunon attempting)

Before the “Jills” Lala team was dissolved before the litigation in many years ago, the Bill requested the Lara team to sell 50 calendars every season. They must be bought in advance with the price of each $ 10, and then sell in $ 15 per $. The team allows the Lara players to stay in the sales calendar.

Like the vast majority of teams, the crow is prohibited from labrans from working on other teams, hitting the singular dance, showing naked or semi-naked images, or “in vulgar movies, photos or bikini competitions.”

Auckland raids listed a series of fine entries in the manual distributed to the Lala team. If the Lara players bring the wrong plastic smear while training, or if there is no shoe in the game, it is necessary to face a fine of $ 10. If you forget all or part of the uniform equipment on the day of the game, they may be deducted from a whole day. For those who are called “Football’s Fabulous Females”, the limbs and dining etiquettes are also subject to the subject (“” To use your hands to tear the bread “,” to give you food Turn on the right hand “).

Even outside the work of the Lara, their manners are also subject to the specific provisions of the team. They can’t talk to players, ask for signing or pay attention to them in social media; Lara team must black in social media paying attention to their players. They were also banned from publishing themselves in the drawing of ladies uniform. The team claimed that this provision is to prevent the lacquer from attracting the harassment of the tracker.

San Francisco 49 people’s 2016 Lara team manual showed that members of “Gold Rush” may not reveal their association with the team. The 49 people also suggested that the Lara players “turned off the GPS applications that will disclose their personal positions at any time.


Napoleon tried in tried. The Lara captain does not use the last name in public.

There is also a team that is moving out. Los Angeles Roewool Recently announced that the 40 people composed of Lara team will first usher in two male members (men have previously perform acrobatics, dancing rods in NFL games). In the rave of the League team, the leader of the Lelard team has reached KEELY FIMBRES, introducing the male labra player symbolizes the change of gender roles, although this process is very slow.

“When equality and inclusion becomes a common discussion, I think the timing of the changes is mature.” Finbrose said. “The male ladie will become a fun scene in the day of the game.”

Disclaimer: This article is compiled from the “New York Times” for slings. The original author is Ken Belson.