Small sun new start TAG Heuer Tighao F1 series quartz female table



In the diving plate, the aunt finally became a decisive attack.

As a big four dogs, I have to take advantage of this last two months.

So the hard work of all parties and relatives, the Lord began a one-month European wandering, please sing and gave a wave

How can you take the country how to give up so wonderful Shopping?

Buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy

About watch

小晒新入手 Tag Heuer 泰格豪雅 F1系列 石英女表

The style is very good as the mother is early.

The mother said that you have also gave you the equipment for you.

This woman is nothing more than three major watch clothes.

The first thing to have a watch, of course, as a student party, the value of this equipment, it can’t be too high, the price is within 1W.

Of course, the above is already a year ago.

小晒新入手 Tag Heuer 泰格豪雅 F1系列 石英女表

In this year, the Lord and Mother of the mother have been looking for in the mall.

小晒新入手 Tag Heuer 泰格豪雅 F1系列 石英女表

Because the main body is relatively large, it is less suitable for fine-hinges, and the lord does not like the leather strap and the ceramic table has a non-general goodness (not telling you that the palace is a small The classic paragraph of fragrance saw the price was scared.

So it seems to go to the final chose the moster and the most simplest number of Tag Heuer F1 series.

Tag Heuer Women’s F1 Series Quartz Women’s Wash WAH1211.BA0861 Steel Ceramic Chain Band

When this table is worn, I feel that it is very heavy, you don’t look wrong with it.

Personally think is because the material of this form is relatively thick, and the entire dial is relatively thick.

However, this kind of female man is just like this, it is just good (the heavy people have a feeling)

小晒新入手 Tag Heuer 泰格豪雅 F1系列 石英女表

Of course, the domestic price is always touching.

The owner found in the XX Building in a provincial capital city, the price found in the Gao Yas counter, the price is still in 1W +

So decisively choose to give up and find out

About buy

Because the Lord should go to each country in the middle of Europe, I will go to the countries to change, so I will ask the basic price.

As long as you have basically the same price in the Eurozone, you are basically the same in the Eurozone.

But but but (important things say three times)

The tax rate in each country is different, the tax refund is different.

Generally speaking, France with 12% Netherlands, the highest return of 16%, other countries may have more bought with the total price of what you buy.

The price of this watch in the Eurozone is 1300 euro (the official price of the Tighari store in Champs Elysées) without discount

With this price, you will start travel in other countries.

The price store in Venice is also this price but it is 95% off in the store.

In this way, the little heart of the child moved, and quickly called the mother.

The mother said that you are less convenient in the trip (especially in Italy, there is a state of thieves)


I swayed to the Netherlands and saw the same amount in the watch shop. It is also the same price.

But the Netherlands tax rebate can be refunded to 13% unfortunately there is no black.

小晒新入手 Tag Heuer 泰格豪雅 F1系列 石英女表

Then I went to Switzerland that I didn’t have a great hope.

Because Swiss circulation currency is very high for Swiss Franc, the Swiss is very high (but the general euro banknotes can also be used)

As a result, I saw the same paragraph in the store and saw the price of 1350 Swiss franc.

小晒新入手 Tag Heuer 泰格豪雅 F1系列 石英女表

So I called shopping guide, I have a discount shopping guide to take out computer serum a tapping

小晒新入手 Tag Heuer 泰格豪雅 F1系列 石英女表

The 眼 主 主 发现 导 导 购 购 0 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是

Finally, the tax rebate (only 7.5% of the Swiss tax rebate is super low, but who makes him discount) probably 7400RMB

Here you have to tell you the benefits of Switzerland to buy a table.

Spicy is direct tax payable

Usually the store will give you a yellow envelope after payment, you can hand over the envelope before going out.

It should be noted that the exit here is to point out Switzerland instead of Shengen.

Ma Ma is no longer worried about the tax rebate.

The last 森 森 CARRY

About out of the box

Since there is still a series of customs, there is a truly box, it has been there.

It also mentioned that the overall watch is a little bit of the dial or a relatively thick feeling, so at least 7 to 8 mm, the individual thinks this is more suitable for big or a little girl (in fact this is a luxury sports series La)

小晒新入手 Tag Heuer 泰格豪雅 F1系列 石英女表

The white dial is very clean, and the strap of steel + ceramics looks still very sisters.

It is very satisfying from my perspective as a person who is in love with me.

On the pseudo-box

This is probably the warranty card is bought in this shop in Cubelin.

A close-up of a copy of a disc amplified sign and a series of smatches and a small SWSS Made

Then the rear view of the watch is also the brand logo buckle, which is not too clear.

Then the surface of the table is slightly thick dial

小晒新入手 Tag Heuer 泰格豪雅 F1系列 石英女表

The last last real show should not disappear the little meat hand of the landlord

Not the end of the end

Summarize the key to the European shopping that you think.

To confirm the official price of good items and the comparison of the online price of some stores

Understand the proportion of tax refunds and tax refund procedures in advance, the operation of the airport

Confirm that the promotions of the banks have some places to brush the silver links and VISA is still a bit

About this watch, personal thinking is more suitable for young

Of course, if you like this style but feel too ordinary, you can also choose a model with a diamond.

It is the price to be more understanding.

So awkward

Small sun new start TAG Heuer Tighao F1 series quartz female table