Take a look at your home plastic wrap is PVC? We detected that the migration exceeded 7 times


The plastic film is almost everything. When you buy fruit, you often see the following plastic wrap? So close to food, is it unsafe? !

I believe there are many parents who have the same concerns about me, so our father evaluation is ready to do a period of preparation.



Waste film detection


2. Common plastic wrap material analysis


3. How to choose a plastic wrap


4. How to use plastic wrap correctly

First, plastic wrap detection

We went to the local supermarket to purchase samples as normal customers. This time I evaluated 8 babcommina, 4 of the US supermarkets purchased, 2 Century Lianhua Supermarket purchase, 2 (7 #, 8 #) online purchase.

(8 plastic wraps family blessing)

testing time:



Delivery laboratory:

Shenzhen Metrology Quality Testing Institute and QA International

Test items:


Total migration measurement & pvc plasticizer

testing fee:

A total of 2403.5 yuan. If you feel that we are doing well,

Can be rewarded at the end of the Tunnean.


Detection process:

This test is mainly for testing of total migration in plastic wrap.

It is said that the human language is a chemical substance that will have a chemical substance in the plastic plastic film, such as fish, meat, durian, avocado, peanut, walnut, etc.

The principle of total migration test:

The sample was soaked in a variety of food simulatory solutions, and then evaporated and dried, thereby obtaining the total amount of non-volatile substance migration to the soaking solution. Testing 10 cm * 10 cm size plastic wrap is migrated to the quality of harmful substances in the specified time and temperature.


Food simulator soaked


Test results

According to the standard GB4806.7-2016 “Food Safety National Standard Food Contact Plastic Materials and Products”, the total amount of chemical substances can be soluble in the amount of oil, and the ingredients are not easy to determine) is as follows:

(Click for larger image)

The total transfer of 8 # samples is detected is more than 7 times.

, Serious exceeding the standard.

The total number of samples in front of the previous seven samples are qualified.

Harm of total migration:

Due to the processing of food contact materials, antioxidants, stabilizers, plasticizers, diluents, etc., these auxiliaries may enter the food from the material to the food, which affects the safety of the food during contact with the food. Threats for human health.


Although the total migration of the seven samples does not exceed the standard, take a closer look, the migration is still soluble, two have reached 7mg / dm2 or more, need attention.

Everyone can evaluate my dad

WeChat public number backstage (Yes WeChat is not a headline) Send: Closed film is to view the specific brand information and unit price of these 8 films.


Detection of PVC plasticizer plasticizer

Due to the 8 # sample total mobility exceeds the standard, we will send 8 # samples (ie, the co-cylinder PVC plastic wrap commonly used in the fruit shop), and the results are as follows:

It mainly detected the most common six plasticizers inside phthalate: DBP, BBP, DEHP, DNOP, DINP, DIDP, but also the result is not detected. But whether it contains other plasticizers, it is not known, after all, the total migration exceeds 7 times.

We also calculated a single price of 8 feeding wraps (30cm, length 100cm) according to specifications, and found that 8 # plastic wrap prices were the lowest, no wonder they were used by a large number of fruit stores, it was not surprising.

Second, common plastic wrap material analysis


Common plastic wrap materials typically have four PVC, PE, PE-LLD and PVDC, and their characteristics are as follows:

The highest risks of the risks are PVC polyvinyl chloride, and the polyvinyl chloride is released to release toxic gas vinyl chloride (long-term inhalation and contact with liver cancer). This PVC’s plastic wrap must don’t heat it.

PVC can be said to be the old friend who evaluated Dad, 2015 Wei Dad’s poisonous book skin, the table plastic table pad is also PVC, adding a large plasticizer phthalate. Because of the use of inexpensive and superior performance.

The most expensive PVDC plastic wrap is a polyvinylidene chloride and chloras, and the chemical stability is high. Its maximum feature is oil-resistant, heat resistant, and does not release hazardous substances in the case of oil stains, so suitable for meat products, fried foods, high oil high fat. This plastic wrap is rare, mostly imported, it is difficult to buy.

Third, how to buy plastic wrap

See the material

As we have detected and analyzed above,


Usually home plastic wrap, we recommend PE-LLD material, followed by PE materials.

2. Look at the price

This method seems simple, but can effectively solve the selection of difficulties. The commodity price in the supermarket is generally corresponding to the quality. We also comply with the previous contrast and testing findings: the higher the unit price, the better the quality, and the temperature range used is also more wide.

(The left is the PE material, the right is PE-LLD (same LLDPE) material)

3. Watch the shelf life

The plastic product is plastic products, the shelf life is 2-5 years. After the shelf life, it is inevitable that there is less aging. It was originally fresh, but the result …

Let me think of that sentence: there is no thing, where is it! Not like

Fourth, how to use plastic wrap correctly

In general, we use the purpose of the plastic film. There is nothing more than the following:


1, moisturizing, dry food is not good

2, keep the delicious food to prevent smell

3, separating the food from the surrounding environment to prevent falling into dust.

But in the usual life, there are many places that need attention, such as the following three situations:

1. The hot dish who has just made should not cover the film immediately.

Because heat is easily accelerated to destroy the stability of the plastic macromolecule, the total mobility will increase; secondly, the vitamin C in vegetables will be broken and the loss is accelerated.

2. The meat is best not to use plastic wrap storage.

The meat is rich in oil, the plastic film is large, storage, and the material in plastic is slowly dissolved into the surface of the meat. Therefore, everyone bought food in the supermarket, especially cooked food, like this, it is recommended to return home to replace it with glass or ceramic container.

3. It is not recommended to use plastic wrap in the microwave oven.


We bought a lot of plastic wrap this time, it is marked with “microwave heating or high temperature use”. But Wei Dad strongly reminds: Be cautious, after heating, the dissolution of plastic film will increase, and there is a safe risk to do less.

Also said: For cut watermelons, the package is not included in the film, because the water content of it is very high, bacterial breeding super likes such an environment. So when you eat a long time, you should cut out the surface.


South Korea has banned the use of PVC shrink films as early as January 2001. From 2004, the packaging of eggs, quail eggs, burgers, sandwiches, sushi, etc., also prohibits packaging materials with PVC materials, PVC coating packaging Material is also prohibited.


Confused my country’s current food contact materials national standard: October 19, 2016, release GB9685-2016 “Food Safety National Standard Food Contact Materials and Additives for Additives” (Please note this standard October 19, 2017) Specification 1294 kinds of auxiliaries such as plasticizers, stabilizers, fillers, and anti-aging agents allowed. There are DBP, DIBP and other requirements in the plasticizer. Well, anyway, that is, we don’t have to use PVC …



Oh, PVC is really everywhere.

Continuous film

And you can buy it online.

It’s really defeated!

Also, some professionals revealed that PVC plastic wrap is usually used to bundle the goods, rather than use to make food preservation, so many fruit stores, the emperor use this PVC plastic wrap, no one?

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