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Heating equipment is necessary for the current home, but now there is a new product –

Geothermal film

It is also common in home decoration, and the low-cost film installation cost is very popular, so you still have to renovate, do you want to think about the knowledge of the geothermal film?

What is the geothermal film?

The geothermal film is also known as the electrothermal film is a new type of heating product. The electric heating film heating is one of the world’s advanced heating methods. It is a new heating method for heat transfer by electricity through infrared radiation.

Advantages of geothermal film

1. Traditional heating equipment It is no way to control, generally relying on centralized management, and the heating time cannot be controlled. Especially in cold winter temperatures, it will automatically shut down. If the temperature suddenly reduces does not automatically open, it brings a lot of inconvenience. However, the switch of the heating of the electric heating film is fully controlled by the user, while in wet weather, the removal function can be turned on.

2. Traditional heating equipment Temperature adjustment is controlled by the company, with the extension of the heat transfer tube, the temperature of different living rooms is different, so it will produce a phenomenon that each bed is uniform. The temperature of the electric heating film can be adjusted by the user himself, and it is necessary to adjust the high, and it is very convenient to adjust the low.

3. Traditional heating equipment is a boiler type. It is necessary to burn coal and heat to achieve heating. The coal will produce exhaust gas, waste residue, etc., these seriously affect the environment. Electric heating film floor heating is electric energy heating, which will not have any effect on the environment, and it is also more convenient.

4. The body of the electric heating film is relatively small, and the installation is also very convenient, people with strong hands-on ability can be completed alone. The traditional heating equipment is bulky. Secondary electric heating film is healthy. It is a heating in the heating of infrared rays to heating. It gives people a feeling of sunlight, while electric heating film is also physiotherapy.

Installation steps of geothermal film

1, clean. The system is cleaned carefully before installation.

2, lay waterproof plastic cloth.

3, laying insulation layer – It is recommended to use environmentally friendly flame retardant polyurethane insulation plates.

4. Use insulation materials according to design requirements. The heat insulating material is covered with warm space ground, and the heat insulating material can be fixed with a high temperature resistant tape. The surface should be flat, dry, and no debris. The root of the wall is preferably straight, no ash. When the ground is incompetent, it cannot be taken from loose sand. When you are taking the heat insulating layer, the laying should be flat, closely connected to each other. Wood flooring or solid wood flooring is used in the room, and the heat insulating material is covered with the entire room. When the keel is used in the room, the heat insulating material is cut accordingly according to the keel spacing.

5, according to the design, cut the geothermal film of the corresponding length. Connect the geothermal film in parallel. Waterproof and insulation treatment must be performed in the positive and negative surface of the ground hot film. The nominal resistance and insulation resistance must be detected before the laying of the geothermal film, and then laid at the heat insulating material according to the design schedule, and the geothermal film is maintained at least 5-6 cm. The geothermal film is fixed to the heat insulating material. Avoid the firing of geothermal film during laying. The geothermal film and other electrical connections and buildings such as metal pipe fittings, at least 15 cm or more spacing.

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6, the power supply and the geothermal film are connected to 4 square to 10 square cable. The cable and the geothermal film joint need to be insulated for insulation treatment.

7. The connection of the geothermal film is connected with a dedicated TO silver-plated terminal, and the special crimp is pressed tight. A isotropic electrical 12 is used between the two ground heat films, insert the cable into the ground heat film TO silver-plated terminal, after pressing the crimp stripping and ensures that the connection is firm, ensuring good contact, use special insulation rubber bag good.

8. After the wire is connected, the power supply main line of the 220V geothermal film is directly introduced into the thermostat, and the probe of the thermostat is attached to the ground heat resistant film.

9. After the finishing film is completed, the power-on test, recording the temperature and temperature, and take a photo.

Geothermal film brand introduction

1, Marley Marley

US 500-strong company SPX Corporation company’s wholly-owned subsidiaries, top ten brands, with over 87 years of manufacturing experience, and its electric floor heating has the highest market share in North American markets.

2, Anze anze

Anze is a high-tech enterprise integrating electricity, smart electrical floor heating system, heating cable, temperature sensor, and thermostat, manufacturing, and sales. Product R & D capabilities ranks first in China, and its electrical floor heating system is equipped with the international preliminary level in the selection ratio of heat-free alloy.

一文让你重新认识地热膜 优缺点|品牌|安装知识合集

3, Nixson Nexans

一文让你重新认识地热膜 优缺点|品牌|安装知识合集

Nixson Nexans is one of the world’s largest cable manufacturers in the world. It provides users with the most complete, most comprehensive cable and component solution, and the quality of the electric floor heating products is excellent in quality and long service life.

4, Hengtang Heatcom

Heatcom is from Denmark, which produces electric floor heating products, thermostats and other comfortable heating equipment. After years of hard work, Heatcom has become one of the largest places in Europe.

5, Hamburge Halmburger

Halmburger electric heating system is committed to providing the best solution for civilian, commercial, industry heating, and its products have passed the German Electric Association (VDE) strict testing, the product quality is reliable, and the wide recognition of users.

The above is about the relevant knowledge of the geothermal film, I hope to help you.