Not all floor seams must be stressed, don’t be fooled by the decoration master.


The strip is not much attention to the adjuvant, and there is not much attention. The strip is used as a seam for the construction of the ground material, but does some owners who don’t like the crimping design, should the crimp have to appear in the home improvement? Can I design to remove the press? Today we will take a look.

Last week, Xiaobian friends moved to the hi, Xiaobian took a vocational disease to a friend’s home, suddenly found that there is a metal press from the door of the kitchen and the bathroom, from the living room to the bedroom, then go to the study, the floor is simply a Ma Pingchuan, and there is no one.

Ask friends where this is the trick? Friends said that don’t be fooled by the master when renovation, they are trying to save things, the floor preshes are expensive and ugly, and some are not needed.

Is there any need for the floor pressing strip, can it really do it? then, let’s watch it together.

What is the baking bar?

The strip is generally used between the floor and the floor, the floor and the tiles, the floor and the door, fill a decoration material, blocking the gap, and enhance the firmness of the installation.

Pressing strip type?

1, flat press

The flat press is a ground for covering the two same horizontal height, which can be used to compensate for the gap between the floor and the floor, and can also be used to compensate for the gap between the floor and the floor tile, which is what we usually say, It is the most commonly used one.



The 7-strip is a process of resolving the floor to the end, and the processing of the gap and the processing of the closing port. The most commonly used places in the 7-stroke are: where there is no skirt line, the plane, the stairs or the mouth of the staircase.

3, high deduction

The flat press is the connection and treatment of the horizontal ground, and the high and low buckle is applicable to the existence of the ground brick and the floor.


4, footboard

Floorboard is used to connect the floor with wall, fill the gap, protect the wall.

Whether the press must be installed?

The above is a simple introduction to the market on the market, and whether it must install the crush in the daily household decoration?

1, there is no need between the same floor

If your floor is used as the same wooden floor, it doesn’t need a bar. However, it should be noted that there may be some slits between the door and the floor, while the laying order of the decoration master should be changed.

In general, in order to save materials, it is started from the corner of the room. . This is relatively large for the professionalism and experience of the decoration master.

2, recommended installation between floors and tiles

There are some theories on the Internet, saying that as long as the floor is firmly combined, the floor tile is highly anastomotive. However, the general kitchen space is accustomed to laying tiles on the ground. The two spaces are more water, and the moisture is large, and the mounting strip can effectively prevent the ground dry and humidity separation, effectively prevent the floor shrinkage.

3, must be installed between the floor and the wall

The floor and the wall is mounted, which is the so-called skate board, in fact, in order to protect the wall neat. After all, we all wear shoes walk on the floor, you can’t kick it. If there is no prevention of the strip, the soil of the sole will definitely pollute the wall, very unrestrained.


Instead of the design?


1, unified material

For the design of the replacement, you can unify the floor, all-store or full tiles. But considering the speciality of the kitchen and bathroom, if you want to consist of materials, it is recommended to have a better laying of tiles.

2, alternative products

The most common materials of the most common replacement strip are probably only. In fact, the door stone is actually using a slate to solve the internal and external high pass, solve two materials handover transition, blocking water, and aesthetic.

It has been introduced so much, I believe that everyone has a certain understandability of the compression strip in the daily household decoration. If everyone also doesn’t like the strip like Xiaobian, then change the renovation plan at home and minimize the appearance of the press.