Ten major cabinet brands


Time Bugawa TBC

(Bochuan Electric Co., Ltd., is based on manufacturing precision sheet metal, involving electricity, communication, IT infrastructure, etc., China’s large sheet metal equipment manufacturer, national leading weak electricity, system integration solution provider)

Rittal Wright (Wright Electronic Mechanical Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.)

(Founded in 1961 Germany, server cabinet – network cabinet top ten brands, world leading overall chassis and box technology suppliers, Victorian electronic mechanical technology)

IBM (International Commercial Machine (China) Co., Ltd.)

(Founded in 1911, the world’s 500 companies, the world’s well-known enterprises, the world’s large information technology and business solutions, international commercial machine companies)

Totem Toten (Shenzhen Turng Communication Technology Co., Ltd.)

(Integrating various chassis / cabinet development / production and sales in one, domestic large network cabinet manufacturer, top ten server cabinet brand, Shenzhen Turndom Technology Co., Ltd.)

APC (Schneider Electric (China) Co., Ltd.)

(Founded in 1981, US, Network Key Physical Infrastructure (NCPI) Full Line Products, Global UPS Supplier, Schneider Electric (China) Co., Ltd.)

Emerson Emerson (Emerson Electric (China) Investment Co., Ltd.)

(Begin 1890 US, the world’s leading engineering technology solution provider, world 500 companies, large multinational group, Emerson Electric (China) Investment Co., Ltd.)

Dell Dell (Dell (China) Co., Ltd.)

(Created in 1984, global large IT products and service providers, world famous personal computer brands, have a well-known game brand Alienware, Dell (China) Co., Ltd.)

Golden Shield KeyDak (Guangzhou Nandu Communication Equipment Co., Ltd.)

(Founded in 1998, the precision sheet metal manufacturer of IT infrastructure management system with independent intellectual property rights, the top ten server cabinet brand, Guangzhou Nandu Communication Equipment Co., Ltd.)

One boat SHIP (Zhejiang Yizhou Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.)

(High-tech enterprise, famous trademark, large integrated wiring production base, network cable / HDMI cable / server cabinet, Zhejiang Yi Zhou Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.)

ZTE ZTE (ZTE Communication Co., Ltd.)

(The world’s leading integrated communication solution provider ZTE is committed to high-end cabinet chassis custom services, Shenzhen Zhongxing New Communication Equipment Co., Ltd.)