Star True a new brand Vantas launched a new car in the United States


[Pacific Auto Network Industry Channel] Recently, there is news that Chery Automobiles and US Haah Automotive Holdings launched automotive business cooperation, and established a new brand -Vantas.


The new car declaration and certification work in the US market has begun to publish an official map. From the figure we can see that the car is the Chery Xing TX series, and it is basically in the country in the country. The Star TX family is consistent, which is also the simplest way to save costs and rapidly listed.


The brand model is the primary vehicle with the brand brand products, and launched the sister model of TX / TXL. However, the car will be exchanged to Vantas. The configuration will remain higher, provide all LED lamp groups, panoramic skylights, 10.25 inch LCD dashboard + 10.25 inch multimedia touch screen, one-button start, speech recognition technology, etc. Full-speed adaptive cruise, etc., power part or continue to take a 1.6T engine with TX, with a 7-speed dual clutch gearbox, the maximum power is up to 197 ps. However, overall, new brand-Vantas’s logo is still attractive. The relatively simple flat design, two V-shaped fold lines are used, and the lower side is the letter spelling of Vantas, the simple is not simple.

HAAH Chairman and CEO Duke Hale said that Vantas will adopt a number of new technologies of Chinese partners, including Intelligent Connected systems with multiple auxiliary driving safety features, and future new energy models. At the same time, he added that Vantas will set up high-end luxury markets in North America and Canada, providing excellent security, quality and reliability. (Text: Pacific Auto Network Qiu Zhenwei)

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