biaxial carbon fiber


biaxial carbon fiber

Jan 01,2022

Select from a large variety of biaxial carbon fiber at and transform them into lovely, appealing clothes that you can use industrially, commercially and domestically. No matter what your preference is, these biaxial carbon fiber materials make for the perfect weaving materials for decorations in any events and parties. These biaxial carbon fiber are temperature resistant and can keep your room cool for a long time. Try them now and witness the strength of these materials.

The biaxial carbon fiber available on the site are very sturdy and highly resistant towards all types of wear and tear. The products are well suited for lasting long and do not lose their charm and look even after consistent, daily use. The biaxial carbon fiber are high-strength fabrics that can be used to make various pieces of stuff such as shoes, belts, suits, curtains, bags and much more. These biaxial carbon fiber are well resilient towards fire and scratches that make them ideal for uses at commercial places too. 

At, you can find these biaxial carbon fiber in a variety of designs and colors that match perfectly with your requirements. You can also select between various styles such as twilled, plain, glossy, matte and the list goes on. These biaxial carbon fiber are abrasion resistant, waterproof, anti-static and comprise of heat insulation properties. The products are lightweight and are available in customized sizes. These exceptional biaxial carbon fiber are ideal for making distinct sports costumes and items with customizable dimensions. 

Save money while buying these products by exploring the vast ranges of biaxial carbon fiber at These products are available on OEM order when you purchase them in bulk. Customized packaging can be done and all products are ISO, CE, SGS certified.