Domestic famous original anime A raccoon is prosecuted by infringing designers


Everyone often sees the “A raccoon” in the expression bag, in fact, copyright. A few days ago, there was a company to sell “A raccoon” series of art works, prosecuted by A raccoon design, requiring compensation for 50,000 losses.

According to Haidian Court, the plaintiff (Beijing Dream City Culture Co., Ltd.) claims that

国产著名原创动漫阿狸被侵权 设计者起诉

It is an anime culture company mainly designed and operates domestic original anime image “A raccoon”

Since July 1, 2003, “A raccoon” cartoon image was first completed, on the one hand, according to this image, according to the image, published multi-edition “A raccoon” including peaches, shadows, big bear, Mika, Amazing book, comics and scripts, etc., comics, and scripts, etc., comics and scripts, etc., on the one hand, to promote the series of products such as “A raccoon” and “peach” series products.

at the same time,

With authorized licensing, production includes plush dolls, silicone products, clothing apparel, household items, etc. throughout the country, and sales through physical stores and Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong Mall;

In addition, the plaintiff conducts deep excavation of the image resources such as “A rachers”, independently develops cartoons, authorizes the development of a variety of online games, for customers appreciation, will “A raccoon” and other cartoon styles are presented with multiple new images Community. Therefore, the plaintiff has a complete intellectual property rights such as “A raccoon” and “peach”, and the “A raccoon” has a variety of expression of the expression to strengthen intellectual property protection.

The plaintiff believes that the defendant Beijing You and I am His Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

Without the authorization of the original license, the “Babysi” website opened by the defendant all and the e-commerce platform “Tmall Mall” website, the product of the “A raccoon” series of art works is sold.

The actions have infringed the copyright of the plaintiff and gain illegal benefits, and has caused a large economic loss to the plaintiff.

That is to the court, requiring the court to order the defendant to stop producing production, selling infringement of the plaintiff “A raccoon” series of products enjoying copyright; compensation for the plaintiff’s economic loss and reasonable spending a total of 50,000 yuan.

At present, the case is under further investigation.