Lu Ya Classroom] Meng Xin Pizza Choice: These five kinds of fake bait must


As a new year, is there any equipment who wants to buy, when you are fishing, do you have any? In fact, it will make you feel very tired, because in some cases that you have no old players, you are completely a mist. Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to the fake bait. In fact, it is not necessary to bring a lot, and the following five are enough!


Minino is translated by English “MinNow” is the most common and most commonly used fake bait. It is like a small fish, and the lady’s technique can make it like a small fish that is frightened and panicked.


2. Wave climbing

It is a water-noodle type fish type bait, and the mouth is clearly opened, the bait is short and the tongue is characterized, and the road sub-fish in the upper layer is mainly attacked.


3. Sequester

The fake bait, the fake bait, can be said to be “old and young”, the most suitable for novice bait, and it is easy to use and easy to operate, and make it the first choice for novices.


4. Pencil

From the shape, the head is smaller, the body is thin, the statue is like a pencil, so there is no name, there is no water control with the wave, but it can be depressed in the water, so the application aqueous layer is very wide. .



VIB with sequins as the most suitable fake bait, no need for novice for fake bait, as long as it is, you can have been sinking to the water.

After reading these five fake baits, if the fishing friends have more understanding of the choice of fake bait? Also welcome Lu Jian master to share your fake bait in the review area.