Xbox wireless handle users can now use shared buttons on Windows 11 PC


There is a good news for PC players playing games using Xbox wireless handles. Sharing button features allows users to capture screen screenshots and record the function of the game video clip, and now they have begun to promote the Windows 11 system. A YouTube user named Winnie passed the work of this feature last week.

It seems that the sharing button is enabled from the Windows11 test channel Build version 22000.194. However, if you are an Insider that has not received this feature, this change should not be too long.

Xbox无线手柄用户现在可以在Windows 11 PC上使用共享按钮

This option may occur in the formal version of the Windows 11 formal version of WINDOWS 11 on October 5, in the beta.

Xbox无线手柄用户现在可以在Windows 11 PC上使用共享按钮

Earlier, Microsoft has said that Windows 11 will be “Windows that is best for games”. This is because so far, a lot of truly good features have been announced, including the company’s DirectStorage API and support for mixing X86 architectures on Alder Lake. Overall, one of Windows 11’s design concept is to make the best player that is compatible with its hardware.