“Niu Zhun life” is alert! Children’s photography trap



Today, the child is the baby in the home. From the moment of birth, the whole family is in love with this little baby. In order to record children’s growth process, many parents will choose to shoot commemorative photos for their children in different periods, such as birth photos, hundred-day photos, age photos, birthday photos, commemorative photos.

Especially when more and more “90” “95” “afterwards are parents, they pursue fashion, personality lifestyle, hoping to record their own baby’s growth footprint, they have become the consumption of the children’s photography market .

Satisfaction with a wide variety of demand

“It’s a big thing to take a hundred days to take a hundred days. We will leave with the baby.” Ms. Chen, a company in a Pingshan Industrial Park, said that the photo is going to be put on the baby banquet, So she also paid attention to her and her husband. Ms. Chen said that after all, the baby’s childhood is only once, as long as she can shoot well, in the economy can bear, still willing to spend this money.

The reporter learned in the visit that there were many parents like Ms. Chen, some or even a photo of the child. Although mobile phones, digital cameras, etc. have been popular, but parents are more biased towards professional photography agencies, and the high cost is given to children. This also gave birth to the boom of the children’s photography industry.

In a children’s photography shop, when the reporter looked at a book album, he couldn’t help but look forward: “Hua Xi” “Xiao Yu” shakes in front of him, as if I entered a fairy tale world.

“Now people pursue the pursuit of beauty, parents do not only ask photos to be beautiful, but also more hope to shoot, fun.” The store manager said that in professional children’s photography, the photo is technically means, the processing ensemble, It can be saved for decades, which is a book that records your child’s growth is a commemoration of time and family, very meaningful, cost-effective.

In addition to shooting the perfect picture, some children’s photography agencies will make a variety of forms of parameters such as a desk calendar, cup, notepad, and the parents who have children’s avatar can make young parents to “bring” with their children’s avatar. Baby.

In addition, the reporter found that in order to better meet the requirements and expectations of parents, all shops are also affected, the most obvious is that the 3D set will gradually replace the background board, and the material is also more tend to low-carbon environmental protection, health. The concept of fashion let the children complete the photo in a more relaxed environment.

Market price rising ship high

Recently, the reporter came to a children’s photography shop located in Guidian Street, in the spacious lobby, Bao Ma is choosing a good photo; in the studio, the child’s laughter is coming from time to time; Customers are waiting …

“I have a growth package, a total of 3,000 yuan, this is the activity price.” In an interview, Mr. Wu just gave a daughter in a month. He said: “You can take a hundred days, half-year-old, the age of 12 years old, so that every time you repeat the procedures, save time and save money.”

The reporter visited a number of children’s photography stores. Compared with the previous year, today’s children’s photography market price is high, and the price of dozens of dollars is almost could not be found. If members or growth packages, the price will have a larger Available offer.

Mr. Wang, the children’s photography shop, told reporters that the price of the children’s photography package is from 588 yuan to more than 3,000 yuan. If it exceeds the number of agreed photos, additional money is required. “Children’s photography is very high on hardware and software facilities. On the one hand, because children’s self-control is relatively weak, the photographer can’t directly grasp their movements. In order to make children actively cooperate, they must have special people to guide and Communication, on the other hand, children’s photography props, clothing, accessories, headwear these from a single style, development to the current trend, Japanese small fresh, European movie exterior, etc., the cost of children’s photography shop is also increased The price will naturally improve. “Mr. Wang explained.

Consumption traps cannot be prevented

The reporter saw on the children’s photography WeChat circle, US Mission online, during the holiday season of Children’s Day, some children’s photography institutions launched a preferential activity, such as pricing a few thousand yuan photographic sets, only a few hundred yuan can be grabbed.

Ms. Liu, who had just taken a child photography package in the US group, told reporters, “Although the price of group purchases is very cheap, there will be staff in the shooting, and the product will be upgraded to you, plus a few hundred yuan. , Or more spend some money to add photos, really don’t count, it doesn’t have a cheap. “Ms. Liu said helplessly, the so-called group purchase activity is actually a martial arts promotion.

“Some children’s photography shops often take the name of the name of ‘free camera’ special package ‘, but there is a false propaganda, after shooting, forced buying, not performing consumption traps such as the contents of the agreement, especially second consumption has become a normal. Facing Fish dragon mixed children’s photography market, consumers need to increase legal awareness, pay attention to early circumvention and preventive risks. “The district Consumer Association staff Yin Shiqun suggested that consumers should choose business qualifications, reputable photographic institutions, it is best to ask in advance in advance The details of the project and signed a written contract. In addition, it is necessary to keep relevant bills to prepare for future rights.

Reporter Liu Yalan Wansheng Daily