Sexy jeans with a man


Today, I want to further intensive in this field, talk about the topic: “Jeans”.

In my aesthetic system, there is a sexy man, just called jeans. If there is a man’s trousers on the street, I will always stare for a long time. While silently feel the unruly, wild, hormones that have been scattered from the inside, while jumping on his locomotive, follow him to Tokyo, go to Paris, go to the beautiful picture of the Romantic Turkey …


Yi Yin, now let our consciousness cut back to the real world: the butt of jeans locomotive is not in a hundred years, most people do not choose the size and hate the pants, and let the picture often cause discomfort.

For this issue, I hope that the relevant personnel will pay attention to it.

Jeans, always a man’s just need, is the preference of the premiere of you can’t dress up in the morning, and wear the base item that can be matched. If we do it, you can also create an unexpected joy that the girl wants to “put it”. So, if you want to let your lower body reborn, start from wearing jeans.

Here are the must you find your own soul’s pants.

Size wrong = 啥


The most commonly used jeans size on the market can be divided into two types of “levi’s” and “uniqlo”. First, the first kind, the “Levi’s” jeans is presented in “W30L32”.

Where W refers to “Waist – Waist”.


It should be noted that different styles correspond to the different waist circumferences of the human body. If you really don’t want to try it, at least take the pants to compare it, judge its waistline position to avoid the embarrassment of low waist pants with a high waistline.

L represents “Length – Length”. However, it is not from the distance from the waist to the foot of the trousers, but the length of the pants, that is, the pants to the pants.


Low waist = non-mainstream

After knowing how to watch the size, the next step is the waist.

Here, Xiaobian must represent the vast girl:


No one wants to see your panty style. If it is not an inspirational to be a township version, Justin Bibo, don’t wear “low waist jeans”.

As a positive person, “medium waves” is definitely the most sensible choice, and no matter whether it is very good, wearing is more comfortable.

Pants too long = low + 矬

Most straight men don’t seem to have a concept of “pants”, so that I often find a pants that wear extremely sleeper on the street, as if the shoes are piled up on a stronger intestine.

Not only is it more eye-catching, but the height is still pulled down to 1 meter 68.


According to Xiaobian’s observation of the next half of the man, it is found that the ideal length of jeans should be like this: just hit the upper and see the sock from the front, so that the legs can “eliminate”, so that the whole shape does not look, Handsome.

The above standard is suitable for general jeans


Tight = visual harassment

The fat and thin in jeans is also a great sin affecting the effects of upper body. Too fertilizer, like there is no aesthetic RAPPER; too thin, it will be spit like a non-mainstream. First, don’t try to wear a “Skinny Fit – super-breach”, it is only “guess the train”, the male, the nerves of the Scottish small confusion can be controlled. The upper body effect of this pants is basically equivalent to stockings –


Every line of your ass, the size of the triangle underwear, and the roll-circle legs have more bends, will be exposed to the girl in front of the girl.

In summary, the focus of choosing jeans is: understand the size, find the version, and grasp the tightness. Only by mastering these, you can wear your pants and completely researum.

Hurry and learn, let the girl praise your next half.