Women buy lace safety pants are harassed by couriers, and lawyers call for the establishment of blacklist systems.


Because online shopping “Lace Safety Pants”, Ms. Guo Ms. Jilin is harassed by the courier Ye Ye, who is sent to the center of Bai Shi Express, on August 11th, Ms. Guo has could not bear, exposed her with Ye’s WeChat chat record on Weibo.

“On the one hand, I want to remind the online shop business. When I encounter privacy items, it is best not to clearly write it on the box. On the other hand, I want to remind you of the express delivery, and you should increase supervision of employees. I hope that the other party will not do this again. “Ms. Guo said.

After the public opinion is fermented, many netizens said: “The courier should not write so detailed, there is no privacy.” There are also many netizens to express worry about Ms. Guo: “The courier knows your address.”

According to the Bai Shi Express, the courier involved, and the issue of express privacy leaks extending out of this matter remains.

Speech harassment

“Happiness is actually very simple, buy buy, and – demolition !!!”

Online shopping has become an indispensable part of everyday life. However, Ms. Guo, who received express delivery, did not have an excitement in the past.

In the early morning of August 11, a man who claimed to be a Bai Shi Express sent WeChat friends to WeChat friends. Asking Ms. Guo bought lace safety pants, Guo Ms. said that it was a problem with express delivery, and did not expect to speak to the valerian , Unbearable …

“Is it put on?” “Don’t wear it, the older is old,” the other party continued to harass information. Ms. Guo once complained to Bai Shi Express official Weibo but did not respond, after that, Ms. Guo exposed the courier Ye in Weibo.

After the break, the men’s Ye was interviewed by the courier company. “I have nothing to say, I have left, I just left.” Ye responded to the media.

On August 13, Bai Express said in an interview that netizens reported that the situation reflected is true, and the employees have been removed. Bay Express explained that the company found in the process of verifying the Bai Shi Express Changchun distribution center that was born in the parcel, and labeled the product information, and the package package was slightly damaged, so the things in the package can be seen. .

“This matter is the incompetent behavior of the company’s individual employees, and will further strengthen employee management.” The person in charge of Pepsi Express Market Media Department said.

Beijing Zhongdu Law Firm Partner, Lawyer Yang Wen Wen said that the courier Ye infringes the privacy of the user and harassing the user, but this has not been constituted by a crime. “Ye should bear the apology to users, if necessary, the civil liability compensation will be subject to the administrative responsibility of public security management punishment.” Yang Wen Wan told China’s News Weekly.

He believes that the employee violates the convenience of user rights from work, and the employee will also be responsible for the consequences of civil losses caused by users, such as apologies and compensation.

Similar incidents frequently

Ms. Guo is not an example.

During the 2017 Double Eleven, the “Legal Evening News” reporter has secretly visited the express outlets. I found that the courier will open the food that is damaged. The courier will take out the items in the parcel. Seal.

In July 2018, Miss Zhang, Nanjing, reported to the police, and the courier Wang remembered his address after sending parts, and raped the scissors on the door after a few days.

In April 2019, Weibo users @ 双 下 金 金 金 金 金 金 金 金 金 金 金 金 金 金 金 金 金 金 金 金 金 金 金 金 金 金 金 金 金 金 金 金 金 金 金 金 金 金 金 金.

In addition to the above, trafficking customers have also become a means of obtaining interests of individual couriers. According to the “Guangzhou Daily”, in August 2015, the courier Song sold the company’s internal account password to others, and sold more than 2000,000 customer information to the lawless elements, then this information and other more than 800,000 citizen information is 1000 The price of the yuan packaged for the e-commerce boss.

At the end of 2016, the courier Du was arrested by the police. According to Finance Network, in a year, Duzhong sold more than 1.9 million groups of criminals, profit of more than 160,000 yuan.

“I encountered the courier infringement, consumers should collect evidence in the first time. The situation can be reported to the express delivery company, complaints to the State Post Bureau, report to the public security organs, prosecuting to the court.” Yang Wen Wan suggested .

Shenzhen Lawyers Association Logistics Professional Committee, Guangdong Xuzun Law Firm, founded that the courier real name system made the collection of user information inevitably, the details of the telephone number, the residential address, etc. provide convenient conditions for the courier infringement of user privacy. Some merchants buy customer information for commercial purposes is the external reason for the courier infringement of customer information.

There is no provision in the “Post Law of the People’s Republic of China”, “Express Interim Regulations” introduced in 2018, also clear: “Business express delivery business and its employees must not sell, disclose or illegally provide express delivery service Knowledge user information. “

At the view of Yang Wen, “There is no representation of generally compliance, the express delivery industry is frequent in violation of customer privacy and the courier staff is high, and some of the qualities of practitioners have a certain relationship.”

Establish a blacklist system

“The courier company does not require what must be indicated by the inner object.” Ms. Qin, the senior website, tells the Chinese news weekly, generally experienced customers will ask for confidential delivery before orders.

“Now the express delivery is not the first time to reach the recipient in the hands, many of the governing, convenience store, the rookie station, etc. Ms. analysis.

In order to cancel the customer’s doubts, Ms. Qin gave the goods in the store to protect customer privacy. In essence, privateness has become an important factor in the considering time of consumer online shopping. China’s news weekly interviewed several online store owners operating private items. They did not have an exception that they would make fuzzy treatment for product information.

There is also a “Privacy Stand”, which is hidden, the recipient name, mobile phone number, and detailed address of personal information are “*” instead, and the terminal’s deserver must contact the APP to contact Member people. There is still launching the “Jewel Send” function.

“The price of the privacy list is higher than the price of ordinary faces.” A Bai Shi Express told China’s news weekly, and the privacy has not yet achieved full coverage.

In response to customer privacy leaks and related events, Yang Wen Bank recommends that the express delivery industry should consider establishing a blacklist system of employee access system and bad act personnel as soon as possible.


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