Amidst the chaos like a needle: 1000 mask shot the equivalent of dressing?


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In recent years, the US medical project light more and more popular Amy. Where, amidst the needle because of the large price range of options, quick and so, quickly set off a boom in the US medical circles, became highly sought after explosion models.

The main ingredient is hyaluronic acid Shuiguang needle, the current price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand, even ten thousand dollars to buy an endless stream.

Multi-staff doctors agency said the United States, the main difference lies in the price Shuiguang needle materials (ie nutrients) and the brand, the more nutrients, the better the brand, the more expensive price.

Soochow Securities research report predicts 2025 will exceed the size of 20 billion yuan Shuiguang class terminal. As can be seen, the market demand amidst pin objective existence. However, embarrassing is that, in stark contrast with the hot market is currently on the market for injection needle amidst the vast majority are not compliance.

“To Compliance injection, it is necessary to obtain the qualification of Class Ⅲ medical devices approved by the state.” A senior US medical sources told the China News Weekly, now available for injection needle amidst the vast majority of hyaluronic acid and a variety of accessories mixture, and this type of pin is not achieved Shuiguang type ⅲ medical devices qualification certificate.

“In other words, most of the currently available injection needle amidst all violations.” He said.

Equivalent to hit a 1000 deposition mask?

Documented information, amidst the needle is actually a beauty treatments, the negative pressure technique hyaluronic acid containing liquid injected into the dermal layer of the skin, it needs injection instrument.

Above, a senior health official said the United States, currently amidst a needle into the market with a needle and needle-free Shuiguang Shuiguang. Wherein the injection needle Shuiguang need. Shuiguang needle was divided into two, one is by high pressure liquid into the flushing vibration face, the other is a needle (microneedle) therapy.

China Newsweek as a consumer to call a number of US medical institutions, more than the staff said, amidst needle including basic models (pure hyaluronic acid) and composite section (hyaluronic acid + nutrients), selected according to the customer’s own skin type and needs appropriate Shuiguang needle. At present, many customers choose amidst the injection needle, very hot.

Staff a US medical institutions revealed, each needle amidst improving effect is not the same, only the basic models containing only hyaluronic acid moisturizing effect, adding a variety of complex models nutrients is able to pay, wrinkles, pulling compact , whitening and so on.

In the US group, the little red book, a new oxygen and other platforms, we could see a number of US medical institutions are listed amidst the needle in multiple effects linked to the sale of information. For example, the propaganda “Fei Luojia” rich in 50 kinds of regeneration of the active ingredient, can promote the body’s anti-aging and regeneration.

However, amidst the needle really so effective?

First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine, Plastic Surgery Center physician ALLEN told China Newsweek, amidst acupuncture helps to improve the skin of acne, dry, large pores and other problems, the overall effect is good.


But for “playing a needle amidst the equivalent of 1000 deposited mask,” the statement, he said, “there is an element of exaggeration such publicity, the two are not comparable.”

“The market speculation this concept very fire, but the actual results and publicity very different.” Preceding the US medical sources also said that the direct effect amidst needle is pay, but the limited duration, usually playing only once remains at 21. many days, up to a month.

It is noteworthy that, amidst the current market price of a needle from tens of dollars to a thousand dollars, and even among the million dollars, a huge price difference. Staff member of the US medical agency said, because the needle amidst a variety of brands, each brand ingredient of the formulation are not the same, so after the effect is different, and hence the price difference is relatively large.

In the visit, the United States and a home health agency staff said the store also has a needle amidst the million, but they generally will not hang out the sale, because most customers do not choose expensive, which basically use VIP customers to consume.

In the US medical view, 1000-3000 yuan price range is normal, some known as rich in nutrients, up to a million Shuiguang needle belongs to the concept of speculation. He believes that a needle amidst contains too many nutrients are not necessarily more effective, but sometimes counterproductive, “because they can not be absorbed.”

“For tens of dollars or hundreds of dollars Shuiguang needle should be carefully chosen.” ALLEN suggestions, tens of dollars can barely even amidst needle costs, the effect will be relatively poor. At the same time, it should also be considered whether such a low price Shuiguang needle from formal channels, the injection needle is safe.

The proliferation of illegal injection

In the little red book platform, amidst notes on needle over 100,000, more than 500 related products. In the major platforms such as the US group, claim to be the US medical institutions amidst numerous needle injections. See, amidst the needle market really enough “hot.” However, behind the huge market demand, but also the breeding ground for a lot of chaos.

According to “medical device classification rules,” “can be absorbed by the human body medical devices, Class III medical devices in accordance with management.” Therefore, as a class Popi injection project, amidst products should be certified by Ⅲ category of medical devices SFDA before they can produce sales.

Soochow Securities research report analyzes the market at present the main products of non-compliance phenomenon amidst four aspects, one is registered in accordance with the applicable certificate class Ⅲ instrument but irrelevant; the second is to be registered as Class A or Class Ⅰ Ⅱ medical devices, but the agency as part ⅲ class medical devices; three is cosmetics for the record, but some institutions are treated as injection injection; Fourth, the application for registration of non-compliance and batch mode certificate has expired.

“Shuiguang needle type Ⅲ belongs to the category of medical devices.” The US medical say, currently approved Class Ⅲ medical device, compliance can Shuiguang injection needle is very small, the market is more than 90% violations.

In fact, our regular products market amidst needle scarce, hyaluronic acids Shuiguang fully compliant product is only a handful.

Soochow Securities research report shows that as of July 2021, only Huaxi Sheng was the beauty of lobbyists and Q-Med has a handful of regular hyaluronic acids batch certificate, regular products include “Run doll caused by needle” Huaxi Sheng matter and “Run-induced iron paper clip” beauty-off “Hey body” series and “Tai live”, Swedish Q-Med’s Swiss blue Wei Ti, and double the United States’ soft skin. “

In addition to HA as a carrier, rich in nutritional formulations Shuiguang products, only the beauty-off “Hey body” series and “Tai live” currently available Class Ⅲ medical device certification.

China News Weekly call after a number of US medical institutions understand that the market is still active in a variety of non-compliance Shuiguang injection needle, especially complex Shuiguang needle.

During the visit the medical institutions in the United States, a United States a home health agency staff provided “Sili Wrinkle Essence” (Model: 516) Packing information revealed that the product approval number is “National makeup equipment into words J20174673 “declare the responsible units in China are Beijing Huaxi Hai Yu Technology Co., Ltd., from the equity relationships, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Huaxi Sheng matter (688363.SH) is.

From the State Food and Drug Administration official website, this document states that this product is “write-off”, but it is still selling hot in the store.

Source: SFDA

It is worth noting that the use of the product of a column bearing the words “After cleansing, apply proper amount evenly to the face.” However, the above US medical agency staff claimed that this product can be injected into the face, and many customers have already used it.

This product is being pointed out that the name cosmetics products, which staff stressed name cosmetics for skin injection better not recommended amidst armed injection needle size, the skin will be relatively dry.


A US medical facility staff provided “Sili Wrinkle Essence” (Model: 516)

“Name cosmetics products do not allow injections to the face.” Pharmaceutical strategic planning expert Shi Lichen said that regular medical unlikely to face this problem, but many US medical institutions are in a gray area dare to take risks, to carry out the offending needle Shuiguang injection project.

Beijing law firm partner Chai Min told China News Weekly, “Shuiguang for injection needle does not belong to the category of cosmetics, but medical beauty items.”


She believes that if the medical cosmetology institutions use without obtaining the appropriate qualifications injectable products for medical and cosmetic items, suspected illegal, constitute infringement at the same time need to be held civilly liable for ordinary consumers, but also need the appropriate administrative responsibility. In serious cases, it may also involve a criminal offense.

In fact, judicial practice, there have been cases of unknown origin resulting from the sale of needles and other injection type of beauty amidst drugs constitute the crime of selling fake drugs.

It is worth noting that many US medical institutions in order to increase the price Shuiguang needle, in addition to hyaluronic acid, they tend to add a variety of other formulations. For example, on a number of sales page US medical institutions, many of them with such a combination of “Ya Yun month + Fei Luojia”, amidst the different brands together with a needle injection.

ALLEN pointed out that amidst the injection needle, the needle amidst the different brands together with the risk, should be treated with caution. Because even if individual drugs were approved, together with whether the interaction is also unknown.

Why Shuiguang needle will be facing such an embarrassing situation?

Insiders said that, compared to the class Ⅰ, Ⅱ class medical equipment and name cosmetics products, the approval of medical devices Class Ⅲ most stringent, need to do clinical trials, the time is relatively long. For businesses, spend a lot of time and effort to apply for Class Ⅲ medical devices, it is clearly not a “good business”, which intensified the hidden illegal market.

Some analysts believe that filing procedures and costs much lower than the product name cosmetics medical equipment, but the identity of the light water needle but can sell at high prices, merchants profited. After all, it is profit-driven.

In Shili Chen it seems, now the US medical market is offered the market, once the problem is difficult to be traced back to a clear responsible authority, which is the main reason for the current chaos frequent.