Qin Lan body wears white sweater candidates, can’t see 42 years old, leisure aging


People’s life is inseparable from the companionship of the clothes. I have been very calmly worn now.

Have more design

, Presenting a lot of styles can be selected, so how to put clothing


Wear better results


He became a lot of people’s pursuit.


Everyone has one or more kinds of wearing style, which can make charm through different styles, but

Casual style

Be almost

Everyone is standing

, The style is simple but a little

Many fashion effects


Those who have pursued fashion, at least enough to understand some of the basic costumes and classic design elements, so that it makes it easier,

Save time and make yourself be beautiful.


Many people will feel that the right wear is less than the age. In fact, most people are not confident, and many styles, especially everyday wear, have a strong

Dimming effect.


Qin Wei

Wear white sweater celebration,

I can’t see 42 years old.

, Smile is sweet and clear, leisurely loaded. The overall white color is very low, and it will not feel color single.

42-year-old Qin Wei

Old classes

It is very gentle, and the woman is full. In addition to their own personality charm, the matching of apparel also plays a certain role.

Effective improvement of temperament,

Let the beauty of nature have seen.

Qin Wei’s leisure agenda analysis

Milk white hooded sweater

The classic white has the most special type in many colors, with extremely clean visual effects, no matter what

Garment style



How to dress up

Be inseparable from white

Use or match.

Overall use of pure white, there is a strong and elegant, but it will also cause a single visual picture, too bright saturation to make clothing have no ideas.

Appropriate selection


It is very good, and the milk is relatively

With a little warm

The extent of sweetness is also high. White costumes are generally dirty, so choosing white costumes need to be more cautious.

Sweater version style fashion, a lot of young people who are very popular, hooded sweater is more three-dimensional, will naturally bring stronger vitality, full of motion and

Easy atmosphere

The loose version of the sweater has a strong boyfriend, which is often the Oversize style. Simple one item can match the most basic trousers, or

Using short skirt

Make a match

Under disappearance

It is also a very new choice to match the semi-gauze skirt.

Collapse on gray loose trousers

Upset using milk white, west to assemble a loose version of gray trousers, the overall sports style is stronger. Gray brought

Gentle effect is very strong

, Very natural highlights women inner

Feemeters and women’s taste

Although the style does not have sexy presence, it is still very touched.


Other daily leisure flies

White print t-shirt + denim bag hip skirt

The T-shirt can be said to be the most common kind of work in life, but the simple version has a lot of choices. T-shirt with print can be selected according to your own preferences,

White bottoming

The style is

Hundreds of effects are stronger

Therefore, it is more easier to match.

Usually in the case

Comfortable and light,

It is more common with jeans, but wants to make casual clothes and more fashionable effects, you can use some items with design.

Half-length skirt is a good choice, the dress is better than the elegance of women,

Denim fabric

The skirt is also with

Very strong casual effect

Combine daily low-key styles and fashion sensation.

Hip styles

The cowboy skirt is taking a buckled manner, with a relatively strong retro style, and

Clear figure curve,

It is a lot of matching style.

Short top shirt + Vichgrading pork dress

Daily loading is not a foundation half-sleeved, shirt, sweater for transformation and design, using short version of the version, can make

The waist line is more obvious


It is highly low-key to highlighting the body.

The best matching of short money is a high waist pants, so the body proportion will be more perfect. If you want to do it, you can use the stylus with print, you can adjust the print.

Single effect

The skirt is very fresh and clean, and the lattice simplicity is not tapped by a small lattice such as the equal distance, using white and another color combination.

Clear effect

Will be better.


Sports + casual suit


There is a strong uniform style of casual suit. Many women in the workplace will choose a suit to match. Nowadays, there is a greater improving in the style, whether in the version or design, so there is a greater improvement, so

Leisure is more fashionable

Internal choice

Slim strap vest

Will make a good body easier to see, the light blue inside makes the whole more refreshing, with a good cooling effect, putting the same color

Loose pants,

Color is more harmonious, and the clothing is more comfortable.

In fact, many people’s clothing monitors are a lot, but they will have certain distress, so the most important thing is what color can come out, what kind of characteristics, what characteristics, what is more costumes

Highlight its own advantage

Wait, understand these, many matching problems will be solved.