Uncover the secrets of tea shopkeepers to sell tea, remember 3 points, avoid stepping on, don’t be cheated


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On the eve of Mid-Autumn Festival, it is the origin of the marketing ceremony of major merchants.

In the traditional festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival is very good, the sea is born in the sea, and the horizon will come.

From one to fifteen, see the moon from the moonline.

From all over the place, to a happy reunion.

Come with a drink, do a piece of cake.

And, a tea, it is a taste of reunion.

It takes a month from the Mid-Autumn Festival, but in major platforms, marketing moon cakes, drinks, hairy crabs.

I have already been very beautiful, such as the fire, boilly.

Of course, this is also less tea.

As early as half a month ago, I started to prepare for the Mid-Autumn Festival tea.

Integrity trading, it is not thick.

But if you deliberately deceive and falsify, you have a pitted tea for a set of roads, that’s too ugly.

In order to avoid that everyone will step on the pit, these tea sets have to be prevented before the Mid-Autumn Festival.


Routine one, do not show the product real thing.

When I opened a live broadcast in the near future, I saw someone selling 2014 white peony, it is said to be a wild tea.

Captured brown leaves, attached to the gray buds.

When I haven’t waited for the reaction, the lens showing the tea showed.

Instead, the anchor is loudly.

“Limited time promotion, pre-order as soon as possible, this is the wilderness white peony in 2014, or a very high grade white tea, it is very difficult …”

After you open a live page, you will watch a few minutes.

During this time, 吆 吆 吆..

As if there is room, I thought I missed the vegetable market.

This hard student will sell white tea and make a sold cabbage.


However, this is also calculated.

The most wonderful thing is that the anchor is consistent in the scene, repeatedly emphasizes.

Cut over, it is emphasized that this white tea is high, the product is better, and it has been snapped up.

But very strange, when the link is removed, give a short a few seconds of the product display, and still a fuzzy vision.

Most of the remaining time, the lens has been aligned with the salesperson.

From the head to the end, I will not give that tea close-up.

Customers on the live broadcast room can only be aimed at this tea far, and they look at the fog, I don’t know the true and false.


However, it is easy to fly in the quotation of the big promotion.


Thus, the idea of ​​impulsive consumption is generated.

Here, the village Chen wants to remind everyone:

People who really have confidence in their own products will inevitably keep the lens to the anchor! It is not a close-up, real shot, and demonstration.

The merchants who are really responsible for customers will inevitably hung at the low price promotion.

Instead, it is realized in detail, brightening the dry tea is brightened, and the tea is buddled, and the guests will showcase the leaves.

Know and build a public, don’t hide.

Because only customers have a comprehensive understanding of a tea, they will be responsible for the guests.

After all, when you buy tea, buy tea, not people.

From the head to the tail, the tea is long, and it is directly impulsive.

In the end, it is still a loss or yourself!


III, only talk, don’t talk about substance.


Not long ago, I saw a Mid-Autumn Festival, a Mid-Autumn Festival.

In the content of the essay, the other party’s concentrated color is introduced, the packaging design of their own products.

The outer packaging logo is pleased by a well-known calligraphy.

The design of the tea gift box, please ask a special creative team.

And the material of the gift box is bigger.

The outermost carton is designed with high-end hollow carving, and the shape is “jade rabbit and month”, and even it can be removed separately as a painting.

From the details, there are many smart thinking.

The inner layer of tea cans, white porcelain, delicate texture, touching sliding, especially high-level.

The instrument of the tea driver is a pear shape, and the top is a piece of rice white cork.

It looks like a plug in the top of a vintage bottle.

White porcelain can provide private custom greetings for free.

The two cans of 50 grams of white silver needles are installed, and the packaging is high-grade, suitable for gifts.

It is now a Mid-Autumn Festival discount price, only one xxx yuan, you can get the order after the coupon.

The number is limited, first come first served.

After reading this scene, people are worried.

Read the full text, the other party does not have half words, mention the production area, process, year, and level of the white mill silver needle.

Moreover, there is no careful explanation of the aroma of the silver needle, taste.

Finally, as in the foregoing, there is no real image of tea.


Instead, the introduction of the silo, this tea outer packaging design concept.

Record meditation, everyone must see a little.

We bought tea, not a tea pot.

The other party is concerned about the full text, it is clear that it is not confident to his tea quality.

What’s more, such a three-storey tea gift box, too gorgeous, luxury, waste, not environmentally friendly.

Finally, more deadly is that the other party does not understand the tea.

White porcelain cans, very easy to make good tea running.

Because of the cork at the mouth, once the placement time is long, it is difficult to have a rigid sewing.

Finally, the white silver needle to be in the can, very easy to clear.

When you buy tea, from the actual start, such a “buying the bead” behavior is unable to take!


The routine three, the amazing discount is profitable, and it will sell big sale.

When I visited a treasure, I saw this product title.

“2011 Fuding old white tea cake 200 grams, 36 yuan, buy five get one …”

Seeing this, the heart of the village has set off a stormy waves.

God, there is still such a cheap old white tea!


If this white tea is true, and the quality can make people drink.


So, in recent years, the hot extent of white tea market, they have already been snapped up.

Where will I be alone? Is it hung in a treasure promotion page?

In 2011, white tea is stored in the present, and it is already a ten-year old white tea.


This rare older old white tea, if the year is fidelity, no matter how many cakes in the shelves are completely sold.

It doesn’t have to do activities with a huge fan group behind old white tea.

Even in the deep alley, it will be smelling the tea, and stepped on the threshold.

Where is it still, there is a cheap big promotion of self-falling, there is a purchase, buy five get one free?

Finally, I’ve added a lot of sales. Single is this page, and its monthly sales display is 100,000 +.

I bought it, I can sell more than 100,000 tea pie in one month, which is accumulated, how many pounds of tea?

It is a resource limited product.

Sell ​​a cookie and lose less.

Sold a pound, inventory is minus one pound.

Such a large, the source is constantly, the inventory is not limited, and there is no authenticity.

What’s more, the standard warehousing of white tea is cost.

Warehouse fees, human management fees, purchase air conditioners, dehumidifiers equipment fees, all-year uninterrupted constant temperature and humidity electricity spending …

A note bill is calculated, as long as 36 yuan can buy a biscuit old white tea, it is estimated that the electricity fee can be argued!

Such low prices to incredible old white tea, thinking slightly, people think that it is incredible.

If you say, you will pay the money in your low price.

It is also a chicken rib in such a tea.

As usual, Ning bite the peach, don’t rotten a bunk basket.

Tea as an entrance, high requirements for quality.

Cheap to incredible “old white tea”, its quality is willing to worry, not worth starting!


Every holiday, many merchants will have major activities.


From the marketing point, this is not thick.

But everyone should be vigilant, the more you encounter holidays, the more people will choose to touch the fish.

Usually hide the ghost zombie, will take the opportunity to drink, harass, and plan to fish.

Mid-Autumn Festival is a heavy traditional festive season, and the relatives and friends are traveled.

However, when you buy a tea gift, you have to polish your eyes.

Remember a little, don’t be greedy.

Not even, I will buy tea when I look at the package.

This is a truth with a photo after holding a beautiful look.

It is countless unreal!

Those who can’t see the details, can’t see the sincere low-cost tea and the head tea, and buy it with caution.

Sometimes, a coupon is a case, it seems to be inexpensive.

But in fact, buy bad quality tea, but the injury is hurting!

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