DNF: All professional platinum badges recommended, authoritative release, rest assured


Destiny 2.0 copies, you can use 200 activity materials, redeem a “dream platinum badge”, up to 50 materials per day, fastest 4 days can be collected, but given 60 days in the first week, it takes 60 The material exchange 1 mythological change certificate, so the best exchange of dreams of the white gold badge is 6 days, according to timeline, most of the players can receive it. Next, Shi Child brings the brothers to the full career platinum badge recommendation, rest assured that you can copy it.

BUFF white gold badge

Each occupation has a legendary buff dressing, which requires a pile of buff skills to the highest. It is necessary to achieve the highest, not only need skill Baozhu, but also need to inlaire the BUFF skills white gold badge in the left and right slots. If the brothers’ BUFF skill level, there is no To achieve the highest value, you can take advantage of BUFF. The BUFF skills of each occupation, the show will not be described, and if the buff that even the occupation is not known, you can delete the role. (I really don’t know, I can comment on the message, 嘻嘻)


Output white gold badge

For the left and right grooves of the output equipment, it is also necessary to inlaire 2 white gold badges. This is the recommended focus. Please follow your own career class, there are different opinions, or you can discuss in the comment area, some occupations have recommended 2 options. The previous one is preferred, the conditions are not available, the same is the same.

Ghost Swordsman series

Mad war: blood gas awakening, blood violent;

Ashura: frustration will, fluctuating;

Sword: no silence, weapon oysters;

Sword Ying: Sword Ying Tai Sao is proficient, the power of the magic;


Devil May Cry: The moon is coming, the Carrot of Plimitis;

Jian Di: Returning to Yuan;

Jian Zong: The huge sword of destruction is popular;

Dark emperor: the power of the soul, the curse of Wu Hill;

Sword Magic: Magic Sword Control;


Sword Ying: The decusion blade.

Fighter series

Women’s work: Edited around, cat boxing (dragon tiger);

Female judo: cramps strengthening;

Female Wushen: Weakness Perception;

Female poison king: provocation, claws;

Male work: Wandering surround, dragon tiger;

Male judo: crash reinforcement;

Male sigh: smooth muscle;

Male poison king: provocation, claws are proficient.

Saberman series

Male big gun: heavy exotherm is proficient, super power supply package;

Male machinery: Ark reactor;

Men’s medicine: weapon research, ballist modification;

Male roaming: fancy gun, revolver;

Female big gun: heavy heater;

Female machinery: electric energy conversion;

Female ammunition: research;


Woman roaming: Leviyi.

Magician series

Female elements: proficient in attributes;

Magic scholar: affinity Farmille, lucky lollipop;


Summoner: The mind is inherent, summoning the beast;

Warfare: Niwu’s battle, spear proficiency;

Dilm: taboo curse;

Element blasting: element cycle, elemental fusion

Ice method: Ice understands, ice martial arts;


Blood method: blood fusion;

Treatment: The stick stick is proficient.

Holy Parallel Series

Dad: Honor blessing / courage

Magic: The book of the exorcism / master is proficient;

Blue fist: the driver of the idea;

Avengers: devil curse, sickle is proficient;

Miller: courage blessing / cross is proficient;

Witch: Pray for the rain, Shen Jingjun;

Survey: the temptation of the sin industry, the sake of skeptics;

Heart-end judge: Warker is popular.

Night Messenger Series

Assassin: Dagger is proficient, double sword is proficient;

Shadow dancer: murder’s dagger;

Ninja: Parametry;

Dead Spirit: Allies of Barak.


Guardian series

Paladin: Angel Light Wings, Angels come;

Elf Knight: Knight belief;

Chaos Magic: Magical Dragon, absolute charm

Dragon Knight: Big Stomach King.


Magic gun series

Do not destroy the God of War: the troops, the war is popular;

Shengwu gun soul: long guns are proficient, line Yun Mu;

The soul of the slaughter: the light gun is proficient, hunting this energy;

Handicast night soul: dark spear is proficient, dark erosion.

Swordsman series

Town soul: Xiao Tai knife is proficient, special service secrets;

Pioneer: Cell weakened, source sword is proficient;

Peak mad: heavy sword is proficient, fireproofing is improved;

Iron and bloodliners: long knives are proficient, dark blade strategy.

Foreigners (this time does not discriminate against them)

Subcience: Basin Ingredients;

Blackwood: The dark cachet is proficient.


This fate decision 2.0, actually sent a dream Platinum badge, this is a good thing, has always only been in the package, more buying more gifts, this time, this time, there is a free model, there is countless Second, it is recommended that the brothers collect it. When they will be sent next time, they have the basis for the selection.

I am a player show, I wish the Wedners abyss flashes, and the gold medal is constantly, mythical equipment is seen every day. Be

DNF: All professional platinum badges recommended, authoritative release, rest assured