White dress for romantic fairy dress


White dress is a romantic fairy dress, European gauze, with a white cream cake, the invisible flower texture, the upper body is generous, and the noble and elegant!

The court lead is exhibited, and the waist line is very good, the big wavy pleat skirt is swaying, the air is romantic.

The version design is very special, and the vest is small.The temperament lace V collar, high-grade waist style, exquisite and elegant high-quality Openg gauze is also comfortable.The elegant is full of feminine.Walking in the summer learning, romantic, beautiful!


The girls always call the white dress “Fairy Skirt”


White lace, elegant beautifully put on the white dress, just like the fairy nourish the temperament, the temperament of the romantic, and the white dress, is a pure white dream!When they turn around the circle.The snacks will take you back to the world of joy!


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