The anti-drug arrested the scene, the police actually laughed? The reason is bright.


Source: Xiaoxiang Morning News

Source | Xinhua Net, China Anti-Drug, Guangzhou Daily

Campaign is a kind of game that children often play

Who can hide it is not found?

It will become the final winner of the game

In an arrest

Drug criminal

Also played with the anti-drug police.


September 7th

Sichuan Yujing County Public Security Bureau

United Hanyuan County Public Security Bureau

Carry out anti-drug law enforcement work

Two dismissal police

When arresting two drug-related case suspects

The suspect hidge

荥 荥 城市 城 一 小

The anti-drug police came a real version of the hide and seek game

Anti-drug police

Two criminal suspects hid into the five floors of the residential area

Multiple oral warnings are invalid

Mandatory violence to arrest

No criminal suspects have been found after entering the door

The police immediately searched each room one by one.

When searching for the main bedroom, the top cabinet wardrobe

One of the suspects “Tibet”

Still hard, calm

Warm police arrested on site

We can’t help but laugh at this scene:

“See you, come down!”


The investigator is in the main bed.


Dimming another figure

The suspect also “” came out

I know that I can’t escape myself.

Criminal suspect Wang, Luo



The real version of the “hiding cat” game

“French net is restored, not leaking”

Any illegal criminal

I can’t hide the sanctions of the law


Two criminal suspects Wang, Luo


Alleged others to take off drugs

Has been criminally detained by the police

The case is under further review