The star bridesmaids have a “part”: Ni Ni quality, Liu Shishi carefully, Liu Yifei is amazing


After eating a few days, the entertainment circle finally came.

Wei Chen and his wife held a wedding!


After the wedding is busy, Wei Chen took the nine photos in the social platform, and the meal sister can feel his joy in the screen.


Wei Chen and Yu Yu are college students. Two people have been running for many years. In 2020, they have made a romantic wedding this year, it is enviable.

Wei Chen and Yu’s wedding invited three pairs of colleagon bridesmaid. The companionships were wearing black suit, handsome, bridesmaids wearing blue long skirts, warm and moving.


From the picture, the bridesmaid should be made of silk, very smooth, it looks very grade, not cheap.

It is seen that Wei Chen is in the choice of bridesmaid clothes. Moreover, the bride is very atmospheric, not afraid that the bridesmaid is too good, grab your own limelight.


Every time you have a star marriage, bridesmaids will become the focus of netizens.

The same is to hold a wedding, some star bridesmaids are very graded, it looks like the fairy is fluttering; there are some stars’s bridesmaid clothes, and it is ugly and cheap, and there is no eye.

Unbearable straight group


When it comes to bridesmaid clothes, you have to mention angelababy and Huang Xiaoming’s “Century Wedding”.

This wedding can be said at the time that it is vigorous, not only invited a star to participate in nearly half entertainment circles, but the money spent on the wedding is also shocking (200 million network transmission).

The wedding dress wearing when Baby is married is also Di Dechang, which is said to be up to 3 million. The noble white veil is equipped with diamond ring and the crown. Baby is the princess in the fairy tale.

However, Baby’s wedding has many luxury, she is ready for bridesmaid clothes.

The Baby wedding had a total of two sets of bridesmaids, a set of Chinese dresses, and the other is Western-style yarn.


Let’s talk about it first, the set of “dress” can be said to be terrible.


Effects, you have also seen it, this set of herish clothes are not very outstanding, but Ni Ni (blue) that is good in temperament is good.

But this is not a focus.

The focus is that this skirt is also very poor! The bridesmaids are faintly signs about the signs of light.


I have a netizen who is watching, holding pictures to pick up the same amount, the result is 69 yuan a set …

I don’t know if Baby bought so many pieces, the merchant did not give her a zero, a discount.


Western purple spaurick is much better than the first set, but the texture of the skirt looks very cheap, and it has been planted with Li Bingbing and Ni Ni.

Let me say that the beauty will not be tossing.

Every time I see Chen Yuxi’s bridesmaid dress, my meal sister is angry.


Watermelon red color is equipped with the lace of the lace, giving people a feeling like pajamas.


Poor companion, so many beautiful women, hard to make clothes from their own value. Even so, they will still be photographed into a treasure model.


I want to ask if I have seen it. Is this pajamas?

But fortunate, Chen Yuxi prepared another set of bridal clothes is still good, a word-collar pink tube top dress will be very delicate.

If there is only that set of watermelon red, Chen Yuxi estimates to make a flat hand with Baby.

In 2014, Yang Mi followed Tang Yan or a good girlfriend in the entertainment circle. Even the wedding only invited Tang Wei to be a poet.

But this bridesmaid dress is really not compliment.

The light gauge long skirt and the lace are not bad, but this saturation is too high color. If it is Tang Yan himself, it is thin, the effect will be more disasters.

However, Yang Mi should have no meaning of “ugly” girlfriend. After all, her own wedding dress is quite average.


Maybe, in 2014, this is popular.

When you get married, the bridesmaid dress is not good. Purple sling long skirt, how to see how you buy it from a treasure.

Especially the big s wedding is still very big. The bridesmaid obeyed behind the back.

The bridesmaid dress when Gillian married was also spoched by many netizens. The European embroidered long skirt was very fat, which caused each bride to look forward to five three thick.

Therefore, many people suspect that Gillian is deliberately putting themselves.

Ok, Gillian also prepared two suites as Chen Yuxi, and the V-collected light gauze, so that the bridesmaids were “thin”, still beautiful.


So, I have to take some minds.

The bridesmaid dress prepared by “His His Gushu” is also exaggerated. One color is like a tipped palette.

Even if they are all beautiful, the bridesmaid dress in the flower is really difficult to control.

If the meal sister does not say, you can recognize that Sun Hao’s bridesmaid is “碧” (blue clothes) and “新 贵 人” (yellow clothes)?

However, it is not all the bridesmaid clothes of all the stars, and the bridesmaids prepared in the star wedding are quite stunning.


气 组


Liu Yifei’s union bridesmaid map, I believe many people have seen it? She hit a blue coil skirt, the fairy is flutter, as if I am going to enter the elves of the dust.


This is Liu Yifei to participate in the university classmates, the bridesmaid clothes, which are not exaggerated, this skirt is to attend some small activities.


In addition to Liu Yifei, she is also very beautiful in several bridesmaids.


Zhou Yang is really good for your bridesmaid ~


Liu Yifei seems to be often bridesmaid, she also participated in Zhang Yuying’s wedding.

Zhang Yuying prepared a set of lavender bridesmaid skirts, the upper body used the deep purple embroidery to make embellished, it looked extraordinary.

It is reported that Zhang Yuying’s own bride is specially designed to find designers, about 60,000 yuan, it is really a blood.


The new lady did this, Zhang Yuying can be said to be “China’s good girlfriends”.


The bridesmaid suit prepared during the marriage of Liu Shishi is also very delicate, and the pink small dress will lining the girls like a small princess.


Tang Wei wearing a Chinese wedding dress while marriage, so she prepared a light pink Chinese style dress to each bride, and there is exquisite embroidery.

From the picture, Tang Yan’s bridesmaid dress is very good. The bridesmaids show their own sweetness, and will not win the lord, grab the new lady’s head.


Yinger picking a light blue bridesmaid when got married, and dressed up with a girlfriend to drift.

This bridesmaid dress is really good, the tulle long skirt is fresh and elegant, which can highlight the body and temperament of each bride, and see the new lady is very worry.

Tang Yizhen is composed of Shen Mengchen, Song Wei, Li Wei. In addition to Shen Mengchen, the rest of the two is a red actress with her business competition.

But Tang Yizhen didn’t care, not only prepared a bride, but also the style of the big skirt, it was really “bold”.

The sky blue yarn dress makes each bride look fresh and refined, and it will not make people feel rustic. Then with their sweet smiles, the joy of participating in a good sister wedding is simply overflowing the screen.


Tang Yizhen’s bridesmaid dress was praised by the whole network, so everyone is really good!


The wedding is very precious. Everyone wants to leave the best side here, the star is naturally no exception, and some people may have only negligent the pick of bridesmaid clothes.

In any case, they feel happy between their girlfriends. Let’s take a lively, there is no need to go online ~

Which one do you like most of these stars?


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