There is no feeling between adults, making people an obey


The heavy rain in this year, let me rent a house in a dangerous house overnight, and move out within a time limit. I have to work again and have to find a house.

Somehow is known by a aunt, and he is enthusiastic to help me. She is a very good friend who is in the mother when she is young, listening to my mother talking very straight. Can help me at this time, I am grateful to zero. When I took my rest, the aunt sailed a dozen houses. When I arrived in the evening, I lived in the community adjacent to aunt. By the next day, the landlord gave the key, and the aunt came again to help me clean up the house. I am very grateful, I will send two boxes of milk to the aunt to thank you.

I thought that this is over, I am going to see her in the future. But what I didn’t expect, this is just the beginning. The aunt has become a frequent visitor of my family. Every day I go to get off work, I will return to my family. I will ring my home. I have to endure the Harm. Talking is true that there is no more chat, poor generations and experience, generation ditch and deep. It’s a matter of time.

I want to be because I am in the age of a aunt, and my aunt thinks far in his hometown. I take care of the same age, and I am also very close. I understand the aunt, even if there is a few discomfort, I have a good thing to read aunt, I also endured. But after a few days, after I put all the houses, my aunt came again, it seems that I finally found the topic, and picked up my homes. What windows always have to open, I just explained because the screens have never been able to change, and they have reminded me to change the window. Because I put a lot of zero things, I pulled the door, I pulled a curtain, and the aunt suspected that I would like to say it. Then I said that I was too much for the big travel bag that was convenient to move, it was better to buy a cabinet … I accompanied my smile, um, I promised. The next day, the aunt came so. Such a few days, I really can’t bear it, I have returned, I think I am so good. The atmosphere was awkward, and the aunt left. After that, the aunt came in a few days. I pretend that I am not at home, I’m going down, and the aunt is no longer coming.

Although I feel embarrassed, I don’t regret it. I am very grateful to help others walk back and come back in my world. I am an adult, I have my own choice, I also need my own space.