Down jacket too soil? What old ideas


“Even if they are sweating, they still have to wear Canada Goose. Fashion defeated the weather.”

Reporter / Yang Wei


Miss Sixty Bright Down Jacket

“Shard” trend insulator

Eddie Bauer I won’t think of his 1936 invention – quilted down jacket, one day will become the trend item on the T stage in Paris. Don’t say him, in a few years, those stars, models or fashion editing wrapped between the down jacket through the show background and taxi, and never want to be photographed. Silhouette is like the wolf scene of the rice tire. However, it is still the bloated down jacket, and the status is in the past. From Chanel, Prada to Fendi, there are down jackets in 2018. It evolves how many versions don’t know from the mid-awkward look.

Chanel fell along the classic jacket, Prada like an Oversized set of dress, Fendi’s big lapel shawl, like a common lady. Not only that, Marques’ Almeida asymmetry and oversized Quplete pin-shaped buckles increase its street style, VETEMENTS creates a super-sleevement illusion on the short-sleeved t-shirt, which is OFF-White. Although it is slightly lazy, its mercury ash metal texture is designed, and it is also made to ensure that the visual expansion is made to ensure the eye.

Bosideng X Tim Coppens Series


Before being seen in this wave designer, calculating the velvet and fluffy to the cold down jacket for a long time, it is insulated for a long time, and is limited to sports or outdoor brands, such as Moncler, Germany, Germany. Jack Wolfskin. Canada’s Canada Goose, the North Face, USA, where the top of the top of the high-level perspective is now in the process of pushing down the fashion peak of the down jacket.

It is said that the first Laurie Skretlet, which climbed against Everest, the Alaska Dogs, Lance Mackey, and the staff of the Antarctic Research Center McMillo Station. They are all CANADA Goose. This brand is founded in Toronto with the brand of manufacturing polar cold clothing, which is only limited to Canada. After the “small beats” in the professional field, the brand has begun to pay with the film industry. After all, Hollywood has always been a time-honor, if there is no Malone Branda and Marilyn Monroe in the movie. Guide, Levi’s is just the tooling of the western United States, which does not relate to “cool” and “sexy”. At first, Canada Goose did not appear in the movie, but a little “logistics guarantee”. The American actress Gabriel Eunn has recalls that she has never been to the scene of Canada Goose, which has a fight with our army coat. When shooting “X-Bian Police 2” in Canada, because the costumes are too thin, the brand is also a down jacket that is a long-to-ankle, which is a long-to-ankle, and a future explosion model.

Moncler Craig Green

Then, the down jacket of “Canada Map” has been forwarded to the scene, and the actor who is “captured” by his royal ability to “capture” is a free model. Emma Stone is in shooting “extraordinary spiderman 2” Wear out of the street. When Supermodel Kate Apton boarded a white short down jacket, when the “Sports Pictorial” 2013 swimsuit was subverted, “Swimwear + Down Jacket + Glacier” “The combination of” is clearly more artistic, the seal story is as high as 4 million views on YouTube. American Ruo Singer LIL Uzi Vert claims that Canadian Goose, San Rollan’s boots, Maison Martin Margiela’s vest, Pokemon Go, Cadillac, diamond teeth are all standard. Although the down jacket is seriously “exceeding the standard” for the New York that is not reached the freezing point, the tide people are hard to create a single-handed clothes, and the legs are put on the canada Goose.

Today, most retail markets in the world are can’t breathe, but they can be “heat can’t be hot” for high-end down jacket brands. With Balenciaga, Watani Mid Mi and other brands and Moncler in the fashion field, sales increased by 18% year-on-year in the first 9 months of fiscal year 2018. Fashion Wholesale Platform Joor founder Mona Bijo believes that the high-end down jacket is better than the LV handbag 10 years ago. The Moncler Down Vesence has been dressed as a colorful color and sports style, long-term as part of the fashion people in Gstaad, but the truly “fried hot” is a successful person in Wall Street.


Chenpeng 18AW

I want to come to Moncler all the way “open” and hunting duck boots very similar. In 2014, New York Fashion Week, Women’s shoes, Monolo Blahnik, asked by a fashion blogger: “How do people stay fashion this year?” Mono pointed to a wearing The passerby of hunting boots said: “Baby, you wear it, that’s more stylish.” As many trends, no matter how much the theme of the famous designer, the fashion blogger can come, let alone, Moncler’s collaborative list can be not only a name designer. I didn’t say it early. In February this year, “Moncler Genius” jointly launched the joint series. For example, Valentino’s creative director Piehr Paul Picheli passed the color and profile control of the down jacket to make the down jacket, and the designer, which is good at expressing romanticism, Simonna Rosa, adds embroidery and lace. The down jacket is designed to be clouded, even in the cold sky, I can wear Jane Osding. The “Women’s Daily” comment on this is: “Genius? I dare not say. But it is absolutely clever.”

Versace down jacket


Why is the fashion of love down jacket

The first person to move the down jam is a US designer Charles James. In 1937, Jiemus was inspired from the down bedding, created a quilted satin evening jacket, and the jacket is rounded and soft line marks its superb cutting and plastic skills. However, he is not optimistic about the design of this design. The quilted satin evening jacket is just a technical challenge of fantasy, and does not have any important impact on fashion. Who knows that it is a lot of color in the cult culture, a jacket that falls in a downstore, inner filling down the jacket, which makes the designer Nama Kari be famous, and also bleached the Ocean in Italy. The field is named “sandwich” named fashion movement.

In the early 1980s, American movies, scenarios and comics “landed” Italy, found exports for Italian young people. They embrace the American lifestyle and pursue enjoyment. This hairdresses are in the trend of the rich young group, with elegant Italian winds. From the name, you can see –Paninaro, derived from the Italian fast food sandwich panino. Paninaro did not have a little interest in fine Italian slow food. They think American fast food is cool enough. They always wear yellow, green, tangerine, blue and other bright colors of urban life “not commensurate”, in the inside shirt or polo shirt, the jeans foot roll to the ankle to expose the big yellow boots on the feet, the wrist is hung on the wrist Light Rolendi Tong. Even the same name magazine to teach how to be a qualified Paninaro youth.

Bosideng X Atlein Series


The second echelon of the down jacket contemporary viewing is the “official” statement of the fashion world to accept the down jacket in the fashion world in the fashion industry. This is always out of fashion circle, because the bloated shape is not optimistic, and even after the racks of the rack, the Rihanna and the models are in the down jacket wearing high-profile down jacket. Some people can’t help but ask, why is fashion love down jacket? This is the same as the question of UGG and Crocs, is because most people think that it is ugly, and the two-polarized debates will boost their popular.

Moncler Pierpaolo Piccioli

In theory, there is a significant seasonally dependent clothing market like a down jacket that will be limited by the weather. Because of global warming, many brands are in the winter inventory, and they will hang. Ad Age found that the end of 2015, Messi Department Store, Colls Department Store and the clothing retailer GAP had complained that the winter was dragged in November. Until the previous week of Christmas, the temperature of New York, Chicago, Baltimore is 10% higher than in previous years, and the size retailer has had to discount the down jacket, thick sweater and scarf, and the loss is as high as $ 185 million. However, the Canada Goose and Moncler, which is known as the cold, is not affected. The former store has opened to Hong Kong, the latter is in great importance to the Mexican market, because they believe that consumers will buy here and then vacation in the cold area. “Women’s Daily”, deputy editial, Marchi, Zakchevitz, Zeng Hao: “Even if they sweat, still wear canada goose. Fashion defeated the weather.”


Down jacket is only a head, is there no function? Nor. Canada Goose has exclusive fabric Arctic Tech, which resists low temperatures of less than 30 degrees Celsius, which is more wear than ordinary fabrics. Moncler’s clerk will also introduce the hot press of the hot press film in its Grenoble series, which enhances the waterproof performance of the clothes, making it easy to walk or ski sports. Glenn Carrol, Professor, Stanford University, has proposed “Authenticity”, and the down jacket boom has become “the realistic truth”, such as jeans in anti-confident culture, street costumes. In hiph, yoga pants is in sports and leisure wind, they all cater to some trends, and survive in the transition, becoming another identity symbol, while maintaining their original characteristics.

Vetements X Canada Goose

Moose Knuckles × Mary Katrantzou 2018 autumn and winter capsule series