Sanmao blogger will wear, sleeveless suspenders + casual straight pants, very woman taste


As the summer is coming, girls have become more complicated to wear. Summer is a season that can achieve freedom of dressing, summer single items are not only rich in version, but also rich in color, we can meet our various aesthetics and wearing demand.

Speaking of clothing version and color matching, I have to mention a well-known fashion wearing blogger in the circle, and she and other representative wearing bloggers.


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The girl with rounded doll face is very good at using some basic single items, with a personal representative style, and in the summer, Sanyu can be said to be a very simple style, who is a blogger, after all in the temperature of hot At the time, simple elegant dressing can make people feel happy.

So today with Assang, take a look at the very simple style of the three places to see if you can get some inspiration from her look.

As a blogger, the body of the three-wood is still more well, but because her face is compared, it will make people feel that she has some fullness.


Three wood this time I chose to use the sling to dress with casual trousers. First, give people the first straight look is that her body is very perfect.

This short-term long-term pattern is very friendly in summer. By emphasizing and improving the method of waistline, the proportion of the legs is pulled, and the overall morphology of people seems to be slim, and the temperament is also greatly enhanced.

This black sling is very designed, and the ordinary hanging belt we have seen in the past is different from the front-shaped design.

The large-scale pleat creates a V-collar visual feeling, but in fact, the original horizontal collar of the sling does not only improve the taste of the woman, but also has a progressive curve, weaken the three wood itself. The round face shape makes her face outline clearer.


Some of the positive of the sling, the feeling of the triangle, the sharp corners of the clothing, from visually, more lined with the waist of the three woods.


It will make people’s upper size looks narrower, have to say that this flat black hanging strap is hidden in a variety of care machines, and the multi-angle is put down the figure of three wood.

The top of the three wood chose a relatively loose coffee leisure roll. This trouse pants look more cool and comfortable, softness is also better, and it is very suitable in summer.

The line of pants is very clear, which can make the leg lines more clear, straight, and have a significant effect.


Compared with linen and brown, cofama is between them. It belongs to cold tones, and the black sling is very commensurate, it is not as deep as brown.

It is better to have a hot summer in the hot summer. Sanshu is full of color, which makes people feel very comfortable, and it is more thin while achieving visual cooling. It can be said that it is a template that is very simple.

The highlight of this set is in addition to the single product itself, some of the small accessories selected by three woods are used as embellishment.

From the color of the hair accessories and other accessories, simple gold and silver are mixed together, they have unexpectedly look, and it is also in line with the hyperbreak of dressing, and the whole match is achieved.


On the choice of shoes, the three wood chose more deeper than coffee, a tone brown. This simple word with sandals is very good in summer, whether it is a commuter or out, is very suitable.

And this kind of shallow to deep tone is also very comfortable and natural. High heels can pull long legs, let Sanmu’s body proportion is more perfect.

The above is Today, Assan shared the skills of Sanme Expo, and I don’t know if you also like this simple style. If you have other problems related to clothing, you can also leave a message in the comment area. We will see you next time.