God beast “next”! White yellow throat first appeared in Northeast Tiger Leopard National Park


The Guangwei Tian Wang Magic Shou Shou in the Classical God of China, China Ming Dynasty, Tianwang Magic Shou, a living gain, fierce and abnormal, it is in the treasure bag like a white comparative size, put it out of the body, the shape, the rib fond Flying out can eat people, name “Huahu”. In mythology, “Flower Fox” is a white 貂. Today, this kind of beast not only exists in mythical legend, and it “next” has arrived in Northeast Tiger Leopard National Park.


It is an important medium-sized carnivore animal group. They are widely distributed in Eurasia and North America. In my country, there are 3 species of species: purple, stone, yellow throat. Among them, the distribution of yellow throat is very extensive, and there are distribution in northeastern my country, North China and South China. Northeast Tiger Leopard National Park has many numerous yellow throats. The noodles of the yellow throat is the top of the head and the top of the head, the limbs and the back half are sepia or black, and the remaining parts are light. The white yellow throat was first found in Northeast Tiger Leopard National Park in my country.

It is understood that wildlife’s body color has variability, and it is not easy to happen in nature. In the Northeast Tiger Leopard National Park, many body-colored variant shadroads were found, which is rare in the world.

The Beijing Normal University Tiger Leopard team has established a large-scale infrared camera for a large-scale infrared camera in my country in 2006 to obtain millions of wildlife to monitor video data. In the video monitoring data from the Northeast region, researchers found a distinctive yellow throat, and the first half of it is almost white. As the observation data gradually accumulated, the researchers found the white claws, white feet, whiteheads, and the whole body were white. This is the first time in the world in the assassination of various variability coexistence, providing an important reference for animal hair color variability.


The appearance of a white and different variability yellow throat is because the formation or calm of melanin is abnormal during the formation of the yellow throat hair color. Among them, white yellow throat is the result of genetic mutation. In the vitro of the vitro, it cannot be synthesized from melanin due to lack of tyrosinase, resulting in a white-grained phenomenon.


In the Northeast Tiger Leopard National Park, he did not only discover the yellow-throat of the body color variability, but also the wild white scorpion of body color variability. It is very rare in history. In addition to finding once in Inner Mongolia in Inner Mongolia, the literature is dating back to the Qing Dynasty.

On April 5, 2020, in the jurisdiction of the Northeast Tiger Leopard National Park, Northeast Tiger Leopard National Park Monitoring system shot a very rare animal video, a full-white deer animal in the video was foraging. This discovery is the first time that the Northeast is the first time.

The scorpion has a protected animal in my country, and the adult individual is about 1.2 meters long, with a weight of 30 kilograms, and the whole body is yellow. White is also the result of genetic mutation. The emergence of white and white yellow-throat, marking the construction of ecosystem construction and biological diversity protection since the Northeast Tiger Leopard National Park system.

The Northeast Tiger Leopard National Park is in the core area of ​​the Northeast Temperature Temperature, is the highest in the troops of the Temperary Biodiversity of the Northern Hemisphere. At present, there is more than one more species that have been included in the national focus protection of wildlife directory.

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