BMW LED headlights day running light yellow resolution process, tell you today


Speaking of the light, I have to say the BMW series of daytime running lights! Although the shape is simple, it is very good to look at the original car far-fluo-optical division! Although it is better than the lamp factory. We encountered the most problem, the initial 3 series, and now the G series chassis will appear. That is, as used in the use of a mileage, it is easy to have a problem, that is, the daytime running LED suddenly turns yellow! Not all yellowing, just half of the yellow, in fact, many owners have the original car to bring their own lamps, for a long time, why? I will reveal today.


When we check, we need to remove the headlights to determine the cause of the fault. When we remove it, check

LED light source drive module has been burned



Yellow angel eye

Now the day-running light is basically using LDE light source, with less power consumption, high brightness, both eye-catching and not glaring, and the decoration of the car is also very good.

The main role is to improve the safety of pedestrians and non-motor vehicles. It is also because the LED source is small, and the brightness of the LED is high, so the common disease of the LED lamp bead is coming, that is, it is difficult. This is also a key reason to affect the quality of the LED headlights. Due to the high temperature, and all the year-round use, the LED light source drive module is finally burned.

So there is a yellow angel eye, and the daytime running is yellow. BMW is not only for a long time. Some models will also have this situation, and also explain that due to product quality problems, it is recommended to go to 4S shop to check as soon as possible, otherwise it is a fee.

Red area has been burnt

Speaking of this, in fact, the solution will also come out. If it is over, you can directly change a LED driver module. If it is still in the warranty period, 4S can completely replace the entire headlight assembly.