Baby this barefoot? Do you want to wear good enough to sleep? “Textbook” answer to see this 1 point


Miss Haro, this is the time for “good” Mom to serve the service, take out “good” fucking fingers, ready to do notes.

In recent days, the heat is rushing, it will become a salty fish, but the mother-in-law is still wearing small socks.

Barefoot rows on the ground, cold, wearing small socks.

Sleeping small-on-peak is air conditioning, cold, should wear small socks.


Down to 6 nights to outdoor, cold, wear small socks.

With her local dialect, it is “Since the bottom of Jio”, “JIO” should not be cold, so as not to catch a cold, have a disease. It belongs to the legendary “net red grandmother”, “Jianghu” is still popular now, “Grandma feels you cold”.

Throwing your mother-in-law not to say, Ahu also is difficult to escape the “puzzle” of the family aunt. Leading the little sock to the bend, I didn’t wear a small sock, I will be “said three four”, and then “steal the born” in the middle-aged auntie who has received “machine gun cannon”.

I think of poor Baba, I can’t help but think of a newbie mother who is working hard. The next Ah is 嗑嗑 嗑 嗑 嗑.

“The cold from JIO” is indeed this, but as the old people are not strong, they can feel cold. And the elderly habits to touch the hands and feet to judge the baby’s warmth, just the baby’s hands and feet are in the “development status”, easy “energy” insufficient, and thus “grandmother feels you cold”.

However, most of the baby is not really “cold”, the baby is strong, the winter is warm, under normal temperature, the baby’s hand is cool, and the back neck is slightly warm and there is no sticky feeling. Even The hand is cool, the baby will not feel cold.

A 喵: “Bare feet is easy to have a disease? Did you ask which high person quietly tells you? Is there a medical staff to tell you this?”

Mother-in-law: “Hey … neighbors said this, I feel like this”

In fact, this statement does not exist any theoretical basis. For example, the refrigerator storage fresh vegetables in the refrigerator, it is not easy to “abbreast”, the frozen storage may be rotten, the same truth, hands and feet are slightly cold Yes, it is not possible to “iceberg feet”, a small card can be adjusted via its own system, can’t shake the baby’s “foundation”.

Don’t wear small socks with barefoot? Water-saving air conditioning should not wear small socks? The “rolling road” should not wear small socks?


Cui Yu Tao’s answer “You wear or don’t wear, socks are there, there are not many”, it is called “textbook” answer.

Based on the judgment of the baby’s moon, the baby’s physique, weather temperature, air humidity and the surrounding environment.

The baby, the body is cold, the baby who is born in full sufficiency, with a low temperature and humidity, try to choose to wear socks, but in turn, can be “barefoot big fairy”.


The little bit of the Auntie is generally not wearing socks. According to the instructions given by pediatricians, especially the barefoot crawling, the bare foot will be beneficial to stimulate the senses of the senses, “BIU”, climb away .


Summer is inflammatory, mosquito ravage, Aunt reminds parents and friends to decide on the baby’s situation.

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