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Under the new consumption era, the building materials industry presents a diversified trend. Traditional decoration has entered a micro-suggestion. The development space is very limited. The industry competition is extremely fierce, and the demand for decoration is also constantly changing. In the past, people’s home renovations will choose to build materials in the building materials market, and now the bag is in the bag, the pursuit of color value is the preference of the young generation, the assembly surface and the wall of the wall materials and the complete design solution become the first choice, “Wall Integrated customization “Born in accordance with the times, by” a plate, one face “toward” one space, a new state “.

Today, China’s home building materials consumption market is in the competitive stage of the incremental market.

How to jump out in this competition in the Red Sea?


How do building materials companies better go to the wall-shaped integrated system?

How to use product drive terminal sales and development?

How to cater to new consumption trends, give more spatial possibilities?

On November 17, 2021, Tencent Home Shell “Creation” column team walked into Dongpeng Group’s six-family business department, and Li Tao, general manager of Dongpeng Green Home, and Dongpeng Floor Manager Zhou Zuqi together to explore the future development marketing model, how to break the product monolithic and break through the direct sales of the product with market sharing, channel resource sharing, etc. How to effectively turn to the design of the transport, driving multi-product sales, effective to promote performance growth, promote the development of wall integration?


Li Tao, General Manager of Dongpeng Green Home, Zhou Zuquan (right), general manager of Dongpeng Wood Floor

Dongpeng Group · Strength Escort Two largest sectors rapid growth

The Southern Dongpeng Group is about to usher in its 50th anniversary, whether it is from the comprehensive strength of production, product, marketing, or the company’s influence, Dongpeng Group brand has already worn into the people, Dongpeng Group has become unquestionable The giant enterprises in the building materials industry, as the two major sections of Dongpeng Holdings Home Division, the wall board and the wooden floor, undoubtedly standing on the giant’s shoulders.

Therefore, relying on the perfect production conditions, high-end production equipment, strict quality management system, and attitude towards product quality, wall panel & wooden floor strategy, strong attack, use products “black technology” to win reputation, Use “wall integration” to open the air, so that Dongpeng “land wall” has been recognized by consumers in a short period of time.

The two major universities of the Wall Board & Wood Floors, through the focus of brand advantages, unified brand image, standard store, multi-purpose linkage, to achieve rich products and majors, and establish a solid marketing growth map, adapt to future diversified times Consumer demand, leading the development of the industry.


In exchange, the delegation also made a deep understanding of the respective fields with Li Tao, general manager of Dongpeng Green Home, and General Manager Dongpeng Wood Floor.

Dongpeng Green Home · Wall, environmental protection decoration integrated solution

Li Tao (right), general manager of Dongpeng Green Home; Tencent Home | Tile Channel General Manager Zhang Yingquan (left)

In the exchange of Li Tao, General Manager of Dongpeng Green Home, we learned about the product system and development strategy of the entire wall system. Dongpeng Wall System Products presents diversification, covering integrated wall-oriented plates, internal wall coatings, exterior wall coatings, diatom mud, etc., can meet the individual needs of modern consumers, Dongpeng Green Home is green Environmental protection is the concept, with innovative technology as support, providing users with high-quality home wall decoration products and overall solutions.

In order to meet today’s market development trends, Dongpeng green family attaches great importance to the product line matrix. Li said that Dongpeng Green Home provides a business to “product integration + integrated custom” service provider from “Wall Board + Paving Service” Continuously extend and enhance the value chain of the product.

As the demand rate of hardcover is rising, the requirements for the entire wall system are also increasing, and the general said that the details of specialization and division of labor are definitely a trend. At present, the decoration process is similar, and no one is in high-end customers. I am willing to pay for the design and simple product packages in the surface, and Dongpeng’s green home is designed as a guide, integrating resources, providing consumers with a more professional wall service.

Dongpeng Green Home Exhibition Hall explanation

Exhibition hall appreciation

In the future, Dongpeng’s green home continues to dig deeply in the wall board, constantly innovate research and development, to create a perfect end service, all meet the major sales channels, let the dealer channels are full, do it!


Dongpeng Wood floor · multi-purpose operation to help market competition

Zhou Zuquan (left) general manager of Dongpeng Wood Floor; Tencent Home | Tile Channel General Manager Zhang Yingshi (right)

When talking about the advantages of the wooden floor, General Dongpeng Floor General Manager Zhou Zu will elaborately, Dongpeng will “green development” as a core strategy, integrate high-quality resources, research and development of six innovative technologies, and make Dongpeng wooden floor break the traditional technology From 2.0 Wood Floor (Strengthening Floor) to 4.0 Wood Floor (Super Prince Series) Products Continued Upgrade, R & D from 40 ° C Safety Floor, which is designed to install geothermal, heated northern, isoided and thermosolydehyde technology The temperature of the temperature reaches 40 ° C is still healthy and safe. Each product of Dongpeng Wood floor has waterproof, wear resistant, purified formaldehyde, safe and environmentally friendly, and durable.

Today, traditional single material suppliers have been difficult to break through the profit space bottleneck, the entire floor industry faces the competition new pattern, Dongpeng wood flooring divided products with high-middle, in order to close the young consumers, Dongpeng wood floor launched the color series , Luxurious series, worry-free series, Huijia series 4 series of products, greatly enriched product structure. At the same time, in order to cater to the current development trend, integrate the development of multi-product management, Dongpeng broke through the inherent model, flexible and innovation to realize the ceiling, the ground, and wall together in a store, providing consumer users more time, Provisional and economical one-stop home decoration solution.


Today, Zhou said that Dongpeng Wood Floor as a separate section of the listed company, and after fusion of other sections, it has entered the stage of rapid development. With the continuous improvement of living, people’s concept of home has been in place. The function has developed to pay attention to the humanized demand, comfort, safety and convenient service of the residential, which we have been practicing and pursuing.


In the future, Dongpeng Wood Floor will use a new layout and positioning, providing high quality green, healthy and beautiful human life experience for consumers, showing more wonderful development.

Joint China Merchants · November 24th

Dongpeng Wallboard & Wood Floor Two major sections, with “consumers – centered”, combined with the concept of wall integration and space aesthetics, from a plate, one wall toward a holistic space, can highlight the overall homes’ design.


In addition, according to different design styles, planning a customized product is planned, with this innovative marketing mode effective drain, improve terminal passenger traffic, pull the store sales. At the same time, Dongpeng Group implemented 1 + N mode, multi-product product combination, realizing market, channel, resource sharing. Realize the investment of 1 store, 2 stores, 3 stores, solve the current situation of competition in operating a single product, difficult to survive, effectively improve the income rate and guest bill value, and easily help you open the store.

Therefore, on November 24th, Dongpeng Group’s six major universities jointly entrusted, in the form of online broadcast, the intensity gathering and the development trend, understanding the products and joining advantages, locking Tencent home live broadcast, preempting wealth in advance The opportunity.


Exhibition hall appreciation