Pleated striped bag hip bottoming long sleeve dress, fashion slim unique temperament


Hello everyone, I am a little swallow. I am very happy to share today’s fashion wear. I like my friend can pay attention, I will bring you new, thank you for your praise and attention. Today, the black silk brought is fine, the design of the high-end atmosphere, and wearing a highly thin pleated striped hip back long sleeve dress, very good, the effect is very good after the upper body.


A woman who loves beauty is full of women. If you want more women, then you must have your own unique style, of course, choose a good dress, then give a woman The taste is added. The elegant sexy of the skirt is that other costumes can not be instead.


Today, this costume, gray tones, give you a different feeling. Gray is more lining out of the white tender. The design and round neck look, it looks like a level, the tight waist of the waist, and the perfect combination of the upper body has highlighted personalized. The bag hip skirt uses a wrinkled striped design, and also gives the skirt itself a good match, slim cut, let the body curve are full, especially the design of the bag hips makes the contour of the hips makes the contour of the hips. Very comfortable, showing a mood. Not only showing the beauty of your body. It is even more difficult to make the legacy of the legs. With high heels, make your body more prominent, beautiful, temperament.