Thin coat + skirt, shirt + sweater, this spring is the most in touch, wear a beautiful turn


Every time I see which college’s lady wears the super eye, I will share with the housem friend in the first time, I will go to ask the link.

And I found

The girls in different colleges are different!

Like literature, girls like retro wearing,

Thin coat + skirt

It is the literary youth that walks.

Little sister

Most of your youth,

Sweater OR shirt

And match

Pleated skirt

It can be said that it is standard!

Of course

School girls, easy to play cool STYLE

Every time you walk through the school, you can harvest a big wave of screams!


Just a sister private letter asked me how to start school, I am prepared today.

Working template for different hospitals

, Like thin coat + skirt, shirt + sweater, these all, 5 minutes can go out! Coming

Find your own college Get with the same paragraph!


First, it is the girl who is literary department ~

They are not only gentle, but also talented


If the opening can talk about life philosophy from the four books … Put it in ancient times, it is definitely a template!

Talented literature is a girl, choose

Vintage literary wind


It is possible to play a good quality.

Like a sister in the north, because the chill has not completely faded, you can wear it.

Thin coat

Floral dress


, Fresh literature,

It is especially suitable for spring, and the flowers are open.


~ Go out and picnic, split!

In the southern sisters, you can wear the most basic

Vest + dress

, The big plays in the retro field, the grandeur of the Renaissance, are all like this ~

This is also especially suitable for small sisters,

The shorter vest, the more high

Easily create the effect of the legs below the chest ~

In addition to the vest,


Shirt / thinner + vendor

While the literary art is not lost, and it is very simple, and you can go out directly ~


Foreign language girls are not only free to switch their native language, foreign languages ​​(or even two) language genius, and they can always be able to

Walking on the front of the trend to wear icon,


It is difficult to not be noticed on the road!


Although the foreign language is fashionable, it will not wear too exaggerated. They like to start from classic single items, create

International Fan’s college style!


Of course, the college wind in different places is also different.

If you are a severe patient of Korean drama, you will find that girls inside the drama are very like.


Sweater / cardigan with a pleated dress


Leisure and no youth

, Go to school, go directly to the Korean drama women who love people!


Dety, you can try a long history.


British College Wind Turning

This is not just the school uniforms of the nobles, but also the fashion world.

The most typical single product in British wind


Badge jacket

Doomes, put on the buff that has brought to the eternal high-quality students!

Of course, I still have to be burst this year.

American retro style

. Its inspiration comes from movie “Clueless” more than 20 years ago.


Sets and plaids are their logo elements

Now I still see that it is just a little! And this is much better than the BM style of last year.

No need to wear a tight version

, As long as your wardrobe

With a rhombus pattern

, Directly get to the American college wind to wear,


Playful retro


It is simply a gossip girl!

It may be affected by the childhood TV drama filter, I am very forward to the lawyer from a small, in the court, the lip gun sword is too cool!

And when I saw “the heart of Offer”, I also found that the girls in the read and political law were very matched. they

Do not wear traditional dull professional suit


(It is easy to be mistaken for real estate agents, but prefer

Dedicated small suit ~


In the three major four, or just graduated sisters, you can also learn from the internships in a variety of trainees.

first of all

Small suit + high waist straight pants

, Pants are clean and neat, cool to explosive, there is a rhythm elite.

Can also be modified


, O-leg sisters rest assured!


I want to be more lively, try it.

Small suit + suit short skirt / tattoo skirt

There are existing professional nani, no sense of casualness,


Sisters who are very suitable for the first workplace


If you are warm, then

Dress in small suit

Let’s have a little pattern, such as a wave point, or with a silk scarf.

It can be a formal sense brought by neutralization.

And like this to go to work during the day, there is no problem in the evening!

The art department girls began to accept the aesthetic atmosphere of the aesthetic atmosphere.

Born with romantic temperament

, Painting, dance performance is the child, really, others.

Regular wearing rules can not meet the art students, they


More pursuit of innovative design

To show your personality, taste.

There are also some small design brands are also frequencies of their wardrobes. It is not necessarily a new style, but it must be designed in the details,


Such as irregular design, bow elements


These are enough to take advantage of it!

Not only that,

They still color matching masters

, I like to put it into a piggy bank, all kinds of colors can match the eyes, fresh and girl’s vitality!

As a physical parenting, there is a natural advantage,

Not only the hand is long, but the sports skills are full

, Can harvest a large wave of cockles at the school game


Because they want to train frequently, it is not possible to have a convenient sports.

But if you want to wear trendy, you have to

Abandoning and cumbersome school uniform sports suit


, Learning Korean drama,

Loose sweater + stripping pants

While facilitating activities, the fashionable value is also rising!

You can also wear directly

Battle clothing + wide legs / trousers

, Transforming the Korean sports girl, and a again,

The opponent is fat, the leg is thick

Sisters are very friendly!

Sisters of the South can also arrange a wave

Polo shirt + trousers

, Wear just in the temperature of 20-28 ° C, but also active atmosphere! If you match a baseball cap, you invinciate.

And match