Shirt + bag hip skirt, suitable for professional women’s summer dress, delicate and elegant and practiced


Professional women have strict requirements in dress, and need to determine the dress according to their own age. In general, it is not an old-fashioned, single, to make simple and generous but no female style, simple and no loss, both to scale professional image, but also highlight women’s temperament, find a balance in these two characters Such a match will be very successful.

Entering in April, the temperature rose sharply, this year’s rainfall is less, the temperature is higher, hotter, hotter, giving people a feeling of entering the summer in advance. How can summer career women dress? Shirt + package hip skirt combination, suitable for professional women’s summer dress, wearing exquisite and elegant and practiced temperament, official sense and female charm, will be more professional.



Choice tips for package hip skirt


TIPS1: Features of the hip skirt

Everyone in everyday life is a small body skirt, a special skin skirt, the skirt is very short, many bag hip skirts use the design just covering the hips to enhance sexy temperament and female charm. The bag hip skirt is a single product that uses sexy to create a stylish, and the design is just right to show the beautiful curve of a female body. The classic style is easier to build a noble temperament of professional women.

TIPS 2: Selection of styles and fabrics


Professional women should not be too short when choosing bags, too short, even with dust, which is not conducive to the display of professional temperament. The length of the skirt is the best effect on the knee, which can also show women’s charm, and give people a very rigorous effect. Second, pay attention to the selection of fabrics, some high-grade fabrics, more likely to highlight professional sensations, such as velvet, lightweight hair, thick flowers are good choices.

Tips 3: Color Choice

Professional women’s bag buttocks, color should not be too bright, you can choose some simple atmosphere, such as black, solemn, calm and atmospheric, and have a good moral effect. Refreshing and clean white is also good, while reflecting professional temperament, it can also take into account the fresh and beautiful female image. Tibetan atro has a rigorous career sensation, which is very suitable for attendance, especially suitable for age. Some women are worn. Second, there is a blue gray, the blue color, etc. These colors are more fashionable, and they are equally suitable for career women.


Selection tips for shirts


The ladies shirt is a single product from the men’s shirts, so the styles are basically retained. The initial ladies shirt are used in the design of the career. With the development of fashion trends, there are some casual shirts that are suitable for women’s daily lives. For professional women, the basic shirt is very suitable for use with bag buttocks, the color is the most out of white. Secondly, according to the occasion of the present, the style and color of the shirt can be selected as the daily commuter, some simple print shirts are also a good choice.



Street shooter’s dressing demonstration

In the morning and evening, we can see the busy office workers, including professional women, their dress is very worth learning, such as this beautiful woman, her dress is a standard commuter dress. Beauty chooses a color-fitted shirt, different colors and patterns enrich visual effects, soft and comfortable silk fabrics, cool and comfortable is also very high-level. Under the body wear a black bag, the front is slightly with the onk design, and there will be no sense of binding when walking. With a pair of golden pointers, it is easily able to create a light ripeness, and the professional women are delicate, elegant and practiced.

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