Xiang Si Lei Mat, a good companion, a good companion, a happy time with you


The world is very big, we have always had a dream of traveling around the world, the world is also very small, every day with the family’s road is good morning, every day, the company and the family have two lines … These constitute the look of our lives.

It is said that the world is big, there is a family foot, and the home has no size, a bed is enough. The happiest moment of every day is our morning to say good morning in the morning of the morning, in the night, lying in the warm bed and the noisy world say good night.


Ai Si Kang Xiang Si Royed, healthy and comfortable companion


A comfortable mattress, can give your body to each part of each part, and provide soft protection, let your body relax, sleep well overnight.

Siji fully played its own ability to innovate, integrating numerous high-tech materials, advanced technology into Esikang Xi Si Rui mattress, so that the mattress has a power of technology, so that everyone sleeps healthier!

Ai Sikang Xiang Si Royed (recommended to watch in WiFi)

Ai Si Kang Xiang Si Royed, with a clean and tidy white-based color, with simple geometric patterns, with exquisite, highlighting elegant temperament, let you enjoy health, comfort. When you are lying down, you can feel different …


Antibacterial anti-mite, clean and peace of mind


A mattress, you have to sleep for a few years, more than ten years, or even longer, so, in addition to sleeping comfortable, you have to sleep well!


Xiang Si Roulettift

Functional fabric

,go through


Antibacterial anti-mite


Treatment, good breathability, reduce bacterial mites to brew, let you sleep more peace of mind.

Functional fabric, healthy and comfortable

Functional fabric of mattress

Add far infrared, negative ion technology


While providing you clean, comfortable sleeping environment all night.

Negative ion concentration, far infrared method has authoritative test report to the emissivity

, Quality assurance, peace of mind!


Magnetic field care, effectively fill

Xiang Si mattress

Built-in magnet

Scientifically distribution, just like “bathing” all night, let you effectively fill the magnet in sleep, improve sleep quality.

Scientific ridge, better support


Sweet Mattress inside

High-tech 3D material

, Strong support, hard hard, superior to the flexibility, can be very good to disperse the body’s pressure, better to take any sleeping position, reduce the number of times in sleep, and easily sleep.


Folding design, convenient storage


Foldable humanized design


It is convenient to store storage and easy to carry.


In a busy urban life, there is nothing more than one night, and you can enjoy the new morning light and praise the beauty of our lives.


Xiang Siyu mattress is your sleep good companion, with you to spend happiness.

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