White jade buddha pendant White Jade Buddha pendant


Bai Yuling Buddha Pendant (receiving 2016) The jade marrow is a mineral, also known as “stone”, is a variety of quartz. White jade marrow, ie jade cream, “Shanhai Jing” contains Dan Dang on Mishan, there is Danshui to flow out, and 东 东.. “Bugzi” contains: Yucheng, there will be jade cream effluent, distinctly like crystal, after the end of the heart, take a moment into water, take a lifetime, can be more moist.

This white jade pendant, warm gloss, delicate texture, semi-transparent, do not see granules, use hands, there is a feeling of cold lubrication. Chalcedony is a mineral, also known as “chalcedony”, a variety of quartz White jade pulp, namely jade paste, “Shanhaijing” records:.. There are many Danmu on the Mishan mountain, with Danshui flowing out and pouring into Jize eastward According to baopuzi, there will be jade paste flowing out of the mountain where jade is produced, which is as bright as crystal. After being mixed with unintentional grass powder, it will become water for a short time, and the place will be more moist after Taking it for a lifetime.

白玉髓佛吊坠White jade Buddha Pendant

This White Chalcedony Pendant, Warm and Lustrous, Delicate Texture, Translucent, NO Particles, Touch With your hand, a Sense of Cold Lubroication.