Trendy and wild thin section knit cardigan, you can easily dress you for summer focus


No matter how the trend is changed, the sweater has been considered to be one of the best single items! Cute, charming, elegant, mature, etc. can show fashionable modern breath, ensuring that they can attract everyone’s sight. Of course, this summer is no exception. The thin knitting cardigan is also the hot pet this season. Who can I like it?

This is a summer knitted small jacket, whether it is a skirt or shorts, can come out of fashion. Exquisite heart pattern and love buttons echo, add some sweet and cute to the whole piece of clothing, and the body splicing suture, effectively modify the waist curve, suitable for all kinds of body, fat and thin can wear.

Embroidered wild cardigan

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It is attracted by this cardigan, pure color, plus the embellishment of the hollow and lace, and disrupts women’s elegant charm and not losing fashion. It is used to prepare ice silk cotton. Feeling, still can’t stand the ball, when you put it, I feel that my grade has improved a big half, I am more confident, I am more confident.

Openwork lace knit sweater


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Whether it is color, fabric or crafts worthy of fine taste, like a moss, there is no longer. In the monotonous clothes, it is integrated into the lace, and the feminine temperament is displayed, and it adds another beauty, and it is likely.

Brand knit hollow small cardigan

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A fresh and beautiful cardigan, select the high-quality fabric, plus the integration of lace and small flowers, make people feel comfortable and cool, and there is no fashion, and there is the fashion version, even if you are grease It can also be easily controlled and exhausted.


Ultra-thin sun sweeping


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It seems that a simple cardigree is very popular, the classic slim version, release your binding sense, fat thirteen can be easily controlled, and no female is elegant and elegant, easy to wear The style of goddess. The selection of high-quality fabrics are comfortable, and the drape is good, bringing you an intimate dress.

Summer knitting thin model


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