[Management] how to be a good scientific director of the Office


Director of the Office at the nexus of communication both inside and outside, left and right contact, soldiers will head the special position of the tail, and has a very important role. Facing the new situation and new requirements, new challenges, and how when the “secretary” on good right, right under the “leadership”, external unit work “housekeeper”, the internal affairs unit “lead” role?

Dauth seek.

Director of the Office as a unit upload issued, a bridge and link of all parties, should be based on the development of the new situation and new changed situation, to rack their brains to think of ways, ideas, play good staff and assistants, continues to increase participation decision-making ability, leadership fully implement the instructions and requirements to ensure the successful completion of the work, the Senate at a critical point, in seeking the point.


Director of the Office should strive snapping leadership ideas, leaders want to do what they want, consider seeking the leadership of. To do this, it requires a strong director of the Office of political awareness, sense of responsibility, enhance work of the initiative, foresight and creativity as much as possible, with high theoretical knowledge and operational capacity of policy advice for the leadership, Shiyibuque with the leadership “with the resonance frequency”: to focus on research policy, understand the situation, improve research, grasp the lower levels, good at capturing information to understand the external situation, a leader of the database, database, information base; to seriously study understand organization intent and leadership ideas, carried out around the major issues leading concern of extensive research, provide true information and reliable basis for leadership decision-making; to extensive data collection, new situations study the country, new experiences, new practices, by “hills stone “to polish jade, put forward for the leadership decision-making plan for leadership learning and reference.

Overall concept

Director of the Office to mind the overall situation, good overall height, to focus on those that affect the overall situation, involving a long-term event, in the case of complex, contradictory prominent hot spot, on difficult issues, so that the knowledge, know next, known left and right to know, to know the inner, outer known. It is necessary to understand the overall surface of the work, but also to understand the focus of recent work; it is necessary to understand the work of superiors and leadership opinions and demands, but also understand the observations and recommendations of the actual situation and the cadres and workers of the unit. To be good relief from the complicated transactional work out, clarify ideas, clear goals, make plans.

Service philosophy

Office is an integrated office units, coordination of services become more and more important. Director of the Office must establish the concept of service, duty-bound to do deep, good leadership for the service, rank and service work for other departments and services, and give full play the enthusiasm, good for the strengthening of ties strengthen internal management and external improve coordination, the next good service, and enhance the overall force office. The first is to improve the service clear, engaging in service around the center of the global work, promising such a service is service, service certainly can not be called away from the center of the place of service and quality of service. The second is to coordinated, with the main means and methods as a service, after all, not the business office, in coordination and service, so the service is not offside. Another is to focus on hot issues and resolve difficulties to carry out the service, honestly and coordination of services through the universal concern, hot and difficult issues of concern resolved, take concrete actions to win the trust of everyone, units and maintain the image of leadership.

To be fair

Doing things fair, sincere others. Director of the Office in coordinating relations, deal with affairs must always proceed from the cause, the principle of starting from the overall situation, there can not be any prejudice, from personal grudges, not subject to personal likes and dislikes and always settle weighbeam hearts , be objective and fair. This is not just a virtue, but should become a discipline.

To clean

Canton Office of the contact surface, complicated work, therefore, must have a strong concept of the Party’s principles and the rule of law, to be disciplined, law-abiding, good character, ambitious, always tighten the string of self-discipline, in terms of ideology, action built on a strong defense against corruption and degeneration, and can withstand all kinds of temptations and tests.

To pragmatic

According to the truth, tell the truth, the real work, the highest performance, seek practical results, solid, not vanity, not undeserved reputation. Director of the Office must be realistic dry work, realistically reflect the situation, with the spirit of seeking truth, listen to the views from the grassroots to the leadership reflect the situation, we must strive for a comprehensive, real, pregnant good news, there are worries reporting only bad news. Work, we must step by step to the corner to the edge, not superficial, not superficial, solid work and honest style, sure to win the leadership and cadres and workers.

To humble

As the saying goes, “to benefit him, full of hurts.” Modesty is a virtue. Director of the Office in thought and action, it is necessary to respect the leadership, but also concerned about the cadres and workers of the song is not intended to pander, for without arrogance arrogant to sincerely for sincere; on both work and services to be bold, decisive, principled, the courage to make a difference, but also always keep a clear mind, always modest.

First, the Director of the Office to play ten roles


1. Mastermind role

2. The role of eyes and ears mouth

3. Arms and legs roles

4. On behalf of the heads of role

5. Liaison role

6. Ombudsman role

Sign in. Diplomats role

8. Steward role

9. Tiger Balm role

10. Workhorse role

Second, the Director of the Office should have several qualities

1. Political, speak good thinking

First, politically, ideologically remain consistent with the Party Central Committee, responsible to the workers to the people, maintain political direction of the office.

Second, the deployment of office around the central party committee work, the management team.

Third, the party spirit, act in accordance with the principle of party spirit, should not just by personal grudges, personal interests.

Fourth, selfless, honest and upright.

To take the lead in safeguarding the authority of the leadership, the leadership of the directives and decisions take the lead, implement to the letter the leadership entrusted matter, humbly accept the criticism of the leadership, there are corrections, if any, Mian, for leadership decision-making mistakes at the appropriate time to put forward a positive, regardless of the occasion can not be published some remarks undermine the intent of the leadership, not bright against the dark top, to do something does not respect the leadership.


2. Strictly speaking fine seeking efficient

Audacious, cautious, such as hair, tight-lipped, the “a Yela conceivable world Autumn” sensitive. Good at finding big problem concealed them from behavioral changes, small in the big.

3. Speaking skills, versatile

To adapt to the various needs of leaders, so that “two-three crops”:

The situation cooked, cooked lower levels, policy cooked;

Work ability, comprehensive ability and strong character level;

Pick up a pen to write, the opening can speak, something can be done.

4. Emphasizing the dedication, willing to endure hardship

Willing to endure hardship, willing to loneliness, willing to needy;

Learn to restrain ourselves, either both labor and any resentment;

When criticized, focused on checking itself, can not have a sense of grievance;

Everything from the work, everything from the overall situation;

Achieve “impossible weather, but can change the mood.”

5. Stresses discipline, abide by the rules

Self-respect, self-awake, self-admonition; organs should not affect the image and reputation of leadership;

To enhance personal moral character, abstinence, Cautiousness adopt an extremely careful;

Heartless people do not pay, do not take ill-gotten gains, not ritual words do not say, do not do irregular things;

Make a moral, law-abiding, honest and upright person;

Cautious, such as hair, tight-lipped about the quality of vocational Director of the Office; sloppy, people are not as outspoken director of the Office;

Confidentiality. Should have a strong sense of confidentiality, leadership habits, personality characteristics can not be brought to unrelated persons;


Leak reasons: the lack of confidentiality mind this string, pay attention to conversation; like to brag, show off; do not push open human;

To have a good human customs, friends off. Do not look not supposed to see, you should not listen do not listen, should not ask do not ask, do not pass should not pass.

6. Stressing unity, the overall situation

Internal unity and the overall situation; external stresses cooperation, safeguard the overall.

(1) loyalty to the heart to maintain leadership unity

Good relations with the main processing times;

Handle the relationship between the trend and avoid, for leadership membership caution, neither negligence nor failure;

Handle far closer relationship with unbreakable red line, not to engage personnel attached to, and more reporting, more communication;

Pass and handle the relationship between good hiding, is conducive to the unity of the live transmission, it may not be conducive to live hiding unity.

(2) to warm the heart and other departments to promote the leadership of solidarity, when the link between good department.

Enthusiastic improve interpersonal coordination;

Proactive improve communication between departments;

Warm and thoughtful to do a good job of logistic services.

(3) the promotion with a sincere heart and solidarity between subordinates

Learn to care for subordinates, to encourage the advantages of disadvantages of constructive criticism;

Learn to understand subordinates, put ourselves for the sake of subordinates, analyze why, calm disposition;

Learn to respect subordinates, Lover, human constant love, respect others, were constant Jingzhi.

Third, the Director of the Office should establish awareness

1. Service awareness

Service is the bounden duty of the Director of the Office. Leadership services for various departments, each for the lower and basic services, a good assistant.

2. Global Awareness

From the overall height to consider, research, deal with the problem. Leadership vision. (On the twenty-eight law, leading to 80% of the focus on the work to the task.)

First, we must thoroughly understand the situation, grasp the lower levels;


Second, we must love learning, ground thinking, there is insight;

Third, we must familiar with the specific environment, people, focus constituent elements and events of a certain period;

Four have a good psychological quality and ability to adapt to the situation, just right.

3. Staff awareness

4. Transposition awareness

Thinking standing leadership position.

Transposition is not offside, staff not involved, not a hindrance hand assistant.

5. Coordination awareness

Timely reporting, ranging from no drag, do not rely on, no more prevarication.

Coordination is not an instruction is not decision-making, but consultations are equal attitude to discuss issues to be addressed.

6. Strain awareness

Calmly. Often stretched a string, ready to deal with emergencies.

Calmly deal with, busy but not chaotic.

There are sober style, calm, busy seek fast, fast but not chaotic.

There are measures in place.

Sign in. Efficiency awareness

Fourth, the Director of the Office shall cultivation

1. Huodataidu

There are guest, magnanimity and grace.

Of the shock is not favored, not insulted anger; has the peace of mind in generous, equally, with people.

Subordinates shortcomings and mistakes, do not point to cover, patience help.


It seems, match words with deeds.

2. Clamping tail

Low-key life. In any case can not be carried away, domineering, not cocky.

Caution is a virtue. Speak and act not play, is not proud, not to overdo it, I do not get emotional.

In terms of law has high standards and strict requirements, we do not do deviant outrageous things.

3. Decently

Balanced and stable state of mind and life skills concept. Do not for the humble, do not Kang next. Justice and respect, open-minded.

4. Doing things fair

Not be emotional, with relatives near and far can not act as a standard, not to engage in small groups. Make friends in the premise of principle, be honest.

5. Rain or shine

There are corrections, if any, Tsutomu. To the normal state of mind at the calm, cool analysis, reasonably acceptable. Never forget.

6. Taizhiruoyu

Orderly retreat, foresight. In the background a good assistant, good service, not rushed to the front desk, display ingenuity. To select the appropriate way to transfer leadership for their information.

Dazhi is a requirement for the level of work, signed off is bound to a specific role.

7. enhance training

(1) there is no potential Zhang Shi, deceptive upper hand

Pay attention to the character. Equal treatment, others plain.

(2) is not a light weight high, was ordered not flattery

Keeping a low profile, avoid somewhere. Confident, should not Zimingqinggao.

Leadership is the flag, flagpole director of the Office is to be done nothing wrong, stand firm.

Focus section, to develop a rigorous approach to life.

(3) do not avoid the large and small, do not take the initiative to recklessness

First, we must be focused, skillfully deflected identify the fulcrum; second is to care and diligence; Third, we must calm.

(4) sets up is not defeating, competition is not jealous Yin

Collaboration is greater than the division of labor. Complementary to Taiwan, Haoxiliantai, defeating each other, common across the table.

The principle of greater than friendship.

Understanding greater than understanding. Difficulty understanding is to know each other, know each other’s understanding is wrong, do not care about ethical. To improve the guidance of assistant work, encourage competition, Yong recommended talent.

Fifth, learn to give up the leadership of Taiwan


First, we must consider the functions of the Office;

The second is to consider the position of office assistant.


(1) leading up alone do bad things;

(2) alone can not fill the leadership to do things;

(3) make up the leadership should not personally do;

(4) fill the leadership personally I do not want to.

Sixth, good at understanding leadership intentions

The intention is to achieve some kind of inner purpose intended.

Understand the intent of a method: (1) repeat method; (2) Consult method; (3) the illustration; (4) feedback method.

When drafting the leadership of the speech:

1. careful to gather comments and leaders. Global conclusion, fragmentary views, fresh ideas.

2. Note the intention of deepening leaders. Track thinking, so intent rich, complete and deepen.

3. To be good at digging finishing the leadership’s intentions.

(1) modified intent of the leadership;

(2) highlight the intent of the leadership;

(3) consecutive intent of the leadership;


(4) sublimation intent of the leadership;

(5) contribute to the leadership of intent

[Management] how to be a good scientific director of the Office