Quick me! Give you a dozens of pairs ~ more cheap and beautiful canvas shoes


We also have written a lot of canvas shoes.

But today is my most exciting! !


Various price-friendly domestic sailors


Are treasured!


I can’t wait to share with you ~


There are 4 big cards in our national trendles.

Turn back, leap, people and around

Let’s tell the “male master” in my heart –


This pair of shoes can be a pair of people in my high school.


As a old national shoes

Dozens of small white shoes behind the stars

I became a hot tide card.

You know, you can sell eight ninety pieces in us.

Foreign foreign countries can sell to eight90 Europe

(Equivalent to RMB 600+)

And I have to grab …


The pair of backwards is special retro.


Even if you still feel classic in decades


In addition to the sports wind with small white shoes routine

And the BM wind in this year’s burst is also very equipped


Doing old blue jeans plus red knit cardigan

Echoing with shoes

Is there anything?

(Youth producer you)

I remember that I bought 89 pairs in the physical store.

Seven or eight years have passed, the price of housing is fast


Shoes are still this price

And the quality is still a big brother.

I twisted the shoes into twist

I didn’t see some signs of opening.

Its tongue part is a thick sponge


And after the foot follows the relatively easy grinding portion, also makes the skin’s soft bag

Really, it’s a consideration everywhere.

I am powder.

Old bodies as a backbrain


I first knew that the leap is actually abroad!

I am in Korea, I saw in the tidal collection shop.


Pinyin of a feiyue attracts eyeballs

Just search, about its history, it is also quite interesting.

I am simple to tell!

Interested, you can also go to search yourself.

This “antique” brand


Originally, people’s sight has been outlined for a long time.

The French in Shanghai I have seen this pair of shoes in the martial arts class.

I bought a leap overseas management right.

Registered the brand of Feiyue

The result is a mess of fire in foreign fire

More than we grab a limited amount of AJ is also exaggerated

(“The Emperor” of the Elf Prince players Orlando Brum, it is difficult to resist the charm of the leap)

Later, this fire “export transfers” and burned back to China.

Because the trademark is registered by France


Therefore, the domestic “Dafu Leap” is the old domestic product.

Two versions of the appearance are basically the same

There are some differences only in the details

I feel better, I think we have better quality.

And the same is the price of the overseas version of the ten-sixth


Sure enough, your uncle is always your uncle.


This time I bought 2 pairs of classics, a pair is “Shaolin”,


Is the most classic cheapest

White cloth, I feel a little bit a little rough.

More suitable for boys

I personally recommend this retro.

Color and look more delicate

I like it very much, it is very resistant to see


The leaping shoes, “Switch” is a name

The rebound of the gel is god, and it is not tired for a day.

When I wore this pair of shoes, I went home.

I saw me.


He grabbed the past and played for a long time.

On the side, I said:

“When Laozi has such a pair, you can smile”


So I also bought a pair.


It is a dream of this old teenager ~

Speaking of people this brand

May not be famous for the two old seniors

But talk about Meng Mimei Airport LOOK with the same paragraph

Everyone may appoint it:

Its canvas is also very textured.

Slope is very flat

The latter tail, logo sign, wearing laces

Work hard work on your face

This brand gives people feel


Just don’t fight, I can’t resist peace and quiet.

So feeling that it will pick it is also very low.

European and American feet high, our Asian foot type is more flat

So sometimes I wear the European version of Converse

Will feel squeezed, frightened

His family’s slogan is

“Designed for Chinese people”

In fact, the feet are really so

More rivers more righteous than the loop

It is completely not pressed or squeezed with a small thumbs.


The first impression of giving me the pair of shoes around the world is

It’s too much like Converse.

When I took the box, I just worn a pair of Converse.


I took off myself.

Global shoe is more round

It is more cute or more than the feeling of Converse.

This is to say that the wrapping feet will be more friendly


Although this appearance makes people feel a little “cottage” feel

But if you are in the student era

I will definitely choose global

After all, the price is favorable

It’s pretty good to wear a few years in the quality style.


I don’t want me to say more than this pair of shoes.

Converse is equipped with it

The average price is around 40


I think the quality calculation

No backward leap

Tell! I have finished writing this part I just want to say

I love Taobao!

Taobao shoes are also very good enough!

This canvas shoes are really my favorite.

I didn’t have no brandless shoes before.

Hold such a big expectation

But receiving the goods to see the appearance and quality of these shoes

Really big surprises! !

First, a pair of pairs.

This red blue colorful Mickey pattern I feel super good


Very cute beautiful

Everyone has some study achievements and good time.


Especially when you are too special, you will be friends.

They are very unique

According to my observation, I love to wear this shoe.

And the quality is really too good!

The material of the gel is bright, especially textive

No matter how I am foldful, I have no problem.

Stepping on the foot and especially warm

I think shoes and people!

Some of the exquisite strength, look very strong

The actual experience of the spot is open.

Wearing, you will be happy, commonly known as the horizontal


Meet such a child (I am sorry, I have a homophobia)


I lost it early.

Occasionally, I really like to wear this fluorescent shoe!

No else, I feel particularly bright

Grab your eyes, let people look back

And this pair is still a pair of lazy shoes

You look at it behind it is to step on the foot.

One second to wear shoes is not a dream

People who are too intimate for the morning card point card to go to school.

(No mistake is me)

By the way, share it for everyone


I am a bright color matching skill:

If it is very bright

I will echo on the colors of other parts.


My hair is a headband that gets a colored line.

And the band of the bag, is also this fluorescent green

This will give the color to the stroke, and it will be more harmonious ~

This pair is a pair of shoes for cool girls.

I really like this design.

I am particularly fascinated by a pair of Miumiu’s ballet shoes.


Also designed, there are two straps above

I feel sweet and cool ~

But this is a good design


In fact, it is quite inconvenient.

Because you are wearing shoes


You must first unlock the above snaps.


Put on the general wear canvas shoes

After the buckle is bucking again …


I don’t recommend it, I wore this pair when I hurry.

Too easy to crazy

I am also quite like this black adhesive bottom.

Dark windshield

Today, this pair of shoes are genuine

Just push it in my Taobao homepage

In fact, this pair is not original, a model of Converse

But you have to sell nearly 1000 …

But I feel like this design.

If the wallet is not very abundant

Can buy this similar

Let’s wear a happy premise that the wallet is not painful.

Finally, the most exciting joint money!

From the date of the order, you will look forward to this sector!

Join in the joint

Is the first reaction that is very expensive?

In fact, the joints of the loop and the leap are more than the value.

The price is still a conscience ~

Let’s first look at this pair of retro small white shoes ~

This pair is the joint name of leaping with ADM

When a boyfriend saw it


The first reaction is: the graphics card factory out?


I got him, this is called


Asian Design Management Forum!


Again, the graphics card is also AMD is not ADM


have to say


Professional organization design shoes is still very horizontal

Red and green is not very wonderful, or kidney loss

It is obviously the former

Front is a very advanced khaki

Then it is a suede design

The lace is also covered with the small details of the ADM, sincere cute

In the large environment of the canvas shoes

This joint name made his own identity

It’s really hard to be expensive.

Let’s talk about the feeling of foot

His tongue includes the lap next to it is easy to grind

All added sponge soft bag

Perfect reflects the “Shaoylin bottom” in the leap legend


You can imagine the little monk stepped on the light of the wall

I can’t consciously want to be high ~

Gourd baby gourd baby, a vine seven flowers ~

If you can sing, are you not young?


Pull back and

Shanghai Art Movie Production Factory

Joint canvas shoes


Really, I have seen the most heartless in recent years.

This pair of shoes is in the panacea.

Carefully observe the details of the details

Two small holes on the shoes have a eyebrow design


Is a small expression of seven waves

Crystal soles also draw a small gourd

Write “thousands of miles”, “Shunfeng”

Take both with the gourd baby theme, it is good

Old domestic goods romantic, no one can catch up ~


When writing this check

I saw that Converse has a variety of kind

Such as Batman, Superman, Magic Women …

In fact, I sincerely hope that our Chinese goods

You can also engage in more classic animations.

Just like


Open the god universe

Our culture is also very cool ~

Ok, then the last squat

Tell this kind of fisherman canvas shoes

Take care of those sisters who usually take the lady.

Maybe you don’t like wearing sports wind clothes

But you must need a pair of comfortable and wearing flat shoes

I think that is not a fisherman canvas shoes ~

As such a shoe, you bring a leisure lazy


Whether it is from work, or take a baby to play

Wear this kind of shoes are quite suitable

Then also is the form of lazy people

Side-wide width, no podification ~

I bought this pair in it.

A material similar to the imitation leather packs a layer

Add a rough flower of this little fragrance outside

The bottom is a straw element, below a bottom

This pair of shoes have a little taste when I just received it.

Quality is not as good as the front

Of course, it is also the cheapest in this issue, as long as 39


But I think this kind of straw element

This kind of little wind is very expressed

Will not feel that there is only 30 pairs of shoes

Including a lot of French bloggers, also likes to wear such shoes ~


I actually bought a lot of “tide cards”


It is very worries that really quality control is

Let you wear a quarter to change, it is still fast than the rising tide

Compared with

This kind of old domestic goods must not let you consume once

Simple spirit wearing a half

Really let people feel in the eyes of Respect

Remember to have a leaping documentary

It has been selected as a special practice shoes by Shaolin Temple.

A monk said:

“Practice every day, the stick is broken, this shoe is not bad”

I was powdered on the spot!

Actually, it is not light.

Many domestic goods are growing with us.


Summer like Changsha, there is no Six God at all.


What are you still using the old domestic goods?

Or what stories are there.

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