Introduce several porridge production


Early porridge, 50 pounds of water with 6 pounds of pearl rice, soak the pearl rice first washing the rice, use stainless steel bottled water 煲, etc., put it into the soaking pearl rice with spoons, and so on. After porridge adhesive, check back.

1, preserved egg lean meat porridge 煲 system:

Cut the pre-egg shell to cut the cutlet into a small piece, the lean meat slice is marinated, for use, use the aluminum pocket to put the porridge, a little pepper, adjust the taste to put the egg, lean meat roll Into a sesame peel green onion and meal.

2, raw cuisine beef porridge:

Wash the cooking dish, the beef is smashed into the grain. The final product is placed in the finished vegetable silk.

3, the production of fish fillets:

Cut the fish meat into pieces, put some oil to marinate with a small amount of flavor, put the porridge with aluminum pockets, put the porridge, pepper powder, etc., porridge, then put into the fish, drop Pitted oil plus the green onion meal.

4, the production of mushroom chicken porridge:


Wash the mushrooms into small pieces, chicken is smashed into small pieces, marinate it with flavor, wait for use, add porridge to ginger, red jujube silk, pepper, adjust the taste, boil away Add mushrooms, chicken chopped in a minute.


The porridge of the porridge cannot be too thick. If the porridge is too thick, it can be opened, and it is not too thin and consistency.

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