Send Maigeli makeup make bright women


Xiaobian feels that McGi can say that it is a conscience brand of the national product skin care industry. Its San Song has received the favor of consumers since the market, and many stars have recommended endorsements, and they have appeared in variety show and episodes. Today, inventory, in addition to the skin care Maigeli makeup, what is the good item worth it.

Maigeli Star Twin Mascara


A big one-small double-headed design can brush the roll of rolls like a fan-like nature eyelaming. Full angle fit eye, all-round pull eyelashes stereo shaping It can be easily controlled. Meet the daily commuter, you can also hold to get a gathering party, and you will not fain your makeup for a long time.


Maigeli light and no air cushion BB cream

White refreshing appearance contains a replacement core. It has three color numbers 01 soft light white, 02 natural color, 03 soft pink, selection of plants, injecting long-lasting energy for makeup, yeast can brighten skin color, hydrolysis wheat protein can moisturize increase makeup compartment 帖 degrees Not a plan. The essence of the skin is photographed, let the skin moisturize and naturally brighter; concealer is delicate, the powder is delicately invisible pores, there is no thick and heavy makeup, the acne marks on the face can be invisible; Focus, even if you make up your makeup, you can have a healthy state of your health.

Maigeli has advanced production equipment and production environments and is approved by the relevant departments of the Ministry of Health, and all clinical experiments must be approved. In addition to the air cushion BB cream, Maigeli makeup has many good things worth starting. Maigei silk is soft, and the milk contact pores have long lasting makeup. It can atomize skin, and thin water is hidden, so that the follow-up makeup is more Waiting; Maigeli Meng Yingline Film . If you also like Maigeli’s product Xiaobian recommended to try Maigei equally good make-up.