Telling true | Xiujing became “Creative 4” initiator? Let’s take a look at the daily day of “Buddha’s business”


Yesterday, my friend was in the editor. “You love to bean Krystal on hot!” It turned out to be because Net Show Xiujing is one of the initiators of “Creating 4”, and let netizens have high enthusiasm for the discussion of Xiujing.


Speaking of Xiujing, but the veritable Korean entertainment person, some people say that in Korea’s street, I will ask a 15-35-year-old person who knows Krystal name. She was born in 1994, 6 years old, because of the cute sweet long, I was discovered, I was 12 years old, I entered the SM company to practice the habits, and I strived from a small trick.

When I was young, the little face of the meat was too cute. From the small Krystal’s eyes, it is big and black and round, the super good look of the forehead, the editor is really a lot.


It is not too much to say from Xiaomei to the big, and it is a beautiful embryo. The super-aura of the water spirit is basically nothing to enter.

In 2009, Krystal as a member of the general popularity f (x), the fairy girl’s stage style is strong, singing and jumping is deep, wearing temperament and its own style, no matter which point, it can be used as an impeccable It is a team qualified ACE.

Edit it so far, Krystal is like a fan of the fans because of the “Sichuan” muscle “. With the friends around you, “Look, this is my love beans!”


In addition to the singing of the women, Xiujing took a lot of film and television works, it was a serious and dedicated actress. “High Kick! The anti-legacy counterattack “, Xiu Jing and Li Zhongshuo play a pair of brothers and sisters, the Duxiu’s personality in the play is great, and there is no love in the martyrdom, and the brother is a noisy, and the couple is alive.


The shape of the show is also in line with her character, and the brown curly hair is full of enthusiasm. When laughing, the eyes are bending like the moon, it is really cute, let people have a kind Touch the impulse.


When the editor is edited in high school, “the successor” fire, “Li Bao Na” has also seen each girl. As a rich second generation, she has a little bit of temper, but it is not annoying, because kindness will come out from the details, “蛮 蛮 性”, let people think that the characters are more technically, true .


Every time, Baina called “Can Rong”, it feels not only Yin Can Rong, but also the hearts of the audience. Moreover, in the drama, Baona’s shape is also very chic, biased long hair, hair tip micro volume, black bow hair accessories, sweet and girl, who can see it?

In addition to the school uniforms in the play, Bao Na’s “private service” is also tasteful, the jacket of the white background plaid pattern is on the white shirt, giving elegant and pure feeling, headwear chooses rice white bow, really aged Artifact. A set of pure and clean, like Li Baona, simple character.

In “Inheritors”, Krystal is playing a role (but also attracts the attention of the audience with superb acting). A few years later, Xiujing as the protagonist and rain became a screen CP, and appeared in Youth idol drama. I am a lovely she. “

The character of Yin Shina, which played Yin Shina in the play, is very different, and it is more well-behaved and gentle. Qi Liu Haier, dark brown hair, melancholy eyes, and the sensitivity of music in the play make the role from the inside out of the style, probably all boys’ dreams are like this.

By the way, Xiujing’s new movie “Sad Jijia” is now hot in Korea. In the new movie, she starred a pregnant woman. She really didn’t want the idol of her. It is a super-dedicated actress.


In the singing, filming, Xiu Jing prefer to go to various tour, do exercise, and get together with family and friends. Do not fight, the low-key personality is the noble quality of Xiujing. Not long ago, she just passed her own 27th birthday, and took a photo on INS, her face was full of happiness and joy.


Speaking of Xiujing’s INS, she prefer to share some of their own lives, daily wear, bits a bit drop, revealing the love and noble taste of life.


Just like this, sweater with a short skirt with a pair of comfortable shoes, simply wear her cheer-off character.

The fluttering maple leaves are the unique emblem of autumn, and must be recorded with a mobile phone. The stack of hoodies and lapel coats is not bloated, and wear a knitted fisherman’s hat, warm and fashionable.

Xiujing’s face is really unacceptable, and the bias looks more generous, sexy hot. Put on the brown set of sweaters on the basic style, looks more rushed.


Brown long straight hair, wearing a black and white lattice coat, simple and advanced, has a temperament of the workplace elite, this dress can remind you to think of “the anti-attack against the counterattack”? ?


Seaside holiday wind, Krystal’s curly hair really gives people enthusiasm, never exposed, but there is a charming feeling.

Finally, whether it is seriously exhausted in the drama, every character, the actor Zheng Xiujing, or the vitamous love bean Zheng Xiujing on the female group stage, and deeply attracts her viewers and fans. But the most appreciated by the editor is that she is optimistic and elegant. You can don’t deliberately open for others, you can take the time “let go of yourself” in your busy schedule.

Image Source: Network / INS / Vision China, Invasion


Written: Zhuge